Thanks for Joining Se7en’s Cuppa for CANSA….

And we reached the end of October – gasp… and spent the last week baking and creating and posting endless instagrams. We have been pestering our followers in the nicest possible way, raising awareness for #se7enscuppaforCANSA. I especially want to thank our friends on instagram for posting pics with us, and especially Marcia and MrsFF who posted endless cups of tea with us… We certainly owe you gals a cuppa in real life sometime!!!

se7en - 201014 - 1153.jpg

We hauled out our Cuppa for CANSA teapot and set to work…

Our GivenGain Project is open for weeks… and it is super easy to donate, the smallest donation is really welcome!!! And thank you so much to our donors for their support… we really, really appreciate them!!!

It just so happens that Yuppie Chef had their Yuppie Chef Baking Challenge at the same time – so it was a “all hands on deck” kind of project…

se7en - 241014 - 0089.jpg

Markers, crayons, cakes… the whole shebang…

se7en - 231014 - 0012.jpg

Our plan was to make a CuppaforCANSA cake… so I set our artists to work…

se7en - 231014 - 0031.jpg

And hauled out the fondant icing…

se7en - 231014 - 0038.jpg

And there you are…

se7en - 231014 - 0071.jpg

I think some fun was had by the gang…

se7en - 231014 - 0068.jpg

Because we were instagramming we decided to add some sophisticated chocolate cake to our tea party too…

se7en - 241014 - 0105.jpg

Anyone for some greater white chocolate…

se7en - 241014 - 0111.jpg

If you are looking for the recipes for the sponge cake or the chocolate cake then head straight for Yuppie Chef’s Cooking School, we have raved about their free baking course before and we highly recommend that you dive in!!!

Se7en + 1 Days of Virtual Tea Party

And here are our instagram pictures… we had such a fun time. I have discovered that our gang is quite up to a tea-party each and every day!!!

se7en - 211014 - 8225.jpg

se7en - 221014 - 8228.jpg

se7en - 231014 - 8236.jpg

se7en - 241014 - 8243.jpg

se7en - 251014 - 8276.jpg

se7en - 271014 - 8334.jpg

se7en - 271014 - 8344.jpg

se7en - 281014 - 8364.jpg

se7en - 311014 - 8392.jpg

And Thank You to Lecresuet South Africa for their #CuppaforCANSA campaign, and for stopping by and commenting on our photographs again and again.

se7en - 311014 -_.jpg

2 Replies to “Thanks for Joining Se7en’s Cuppa for CANSA….”

  1. You are SOOOO my people – I could also have a tea party daily 🙂

    And as soon as these two are prayed with, I’m going to sit back with a biscuit and a big MUG of tea 🙂

  2. Oh Marcia, thank you so much, really!!! Wishing you the best weekend… many cups of tea and relaxing with those sweet babes of yours!!!

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