Saturday Spot: The Volvo Ocean Race…

So we are interrupting our “Five Books in Five Days” posts for the weekend… and we will be back with our book fun next week. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something to do this weekend then a visit to the Volvo Ocean Race Village is an absolute must. We are avid fans of great sea voyages over here and the Volvo Ocean Race has come to town. We managed to get down last weekend before the yachts arrived and I have a feeling we will have to make our way down their again.

se7en - 011114 - 0788.jpg

The Waterfront is definitely bustling and gearing up for summer fun…

se7en - 011114 - 0790.jpg

But we were pretty intent on getting to the race village… because there is just so much to see…

se7en - 011114 - 0752.jpg

There were folk buzzing around in big boots…

se7en - 011114 - 0596.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0628.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0671.jpg se7en - 011114 - 0672.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0678.jpg se7en - 011114 - 0677.jpg

And of course all things VOLVO…

se7en - 011114 - 0784.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0686.jpg

Which gave some folk a chance to find a shady spot…

se7en - 011114 - 7651.jpg

And boats of all shapes and sizes…

se7en - 011114 - 0586.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0594.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0624.jpg

Happy Landings…

se7en - 011114 - 7659.jpg

And near misses…

se7en - 011114 - 0726.jpg

And where you have boats… there are busy hands…

se7en - 011114 - 0604.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0607.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0733.jpg

And loads of lenses…

se7en - 011114 - 0629.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0749.jpg

And there were guns… not very big ones mind you… bust clearly very distinctive and of historical importance…

se7en - 011114 - 0706.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0773.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0641.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0777.jpg

se7en - 011114 - 0778.jpg

Clearly we only scratched the surface of this outing, and now that the teams have arrived there will be a lot more to see… I am sure that we are going to have to find our way down to the Waterfront again… and have a good look around at everything there is to see.

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