Saturday Spot: Dias Beach and Venus Pools at Cape Point…

Over the last year we have spent countless hours exploring Cape Point, but we have never been to Dias Beach before.

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I spotted this beach years and years ago, it has been on my list of “must go places” literally forever… here is a picture from way back when… and you can see why it should be on everyone’s wishlist… the perfect place for a picnic.


Turns out Friday dawned with blue skies, and we headed for Dias Beach – can you hear a hoorah!!!

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Wild Life

A visit to Cape Point with out our friends the baboons would be totally unheard of…

se7en - 200215 - 0411.jpg

se7en - 200215 - 0418.jpg

It is the season for these guys…

se7en - 200215 - 0643.jpg

And don’t forget the eland… standing right there, watching the tourists, watching them…

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se7en - 200215 - 0651.jpg

Cape Point

Dias Beach is right down at the actual point, below the lighthouses at Cape Point…

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Where you literally feel like you can see forever…

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Or not, depending on your priorities…

se7en - 200215 - 0432.jpg

One of us was very keen to get hiking…

se7en - 200215 - 0445.jpg

There is only one way to get to this beach and that is down a lot of stairs…

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And that is what put me off getting there for all those years. Meanwhile they are totally doable, 208 stairs according to a young person with us.

Dias Beach

And the stairs are totally worth it… this is paradise.

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Looking up…

se7en - 200215 - 0533.jpg

se7en - 200215 - 1360.jpg

Paradise indeed…

se7en - 200215 - 1364.jpg

Those cliffs…

se7en - 200215 - 0577.jpg

Don’t look to closely…

se7en - 200215 - 0516.jpg

These pics might require “no kids were harmed in the making of this blog post” kind of a statement… actually it was a fairly wide ledge that you could walk onto from a sand dune… so don’t hold your breathe too tight.

se7en - 200215 - 0512.jpg

And a totally unexpected fisherman…

se7en - 200215 - 0613.jpg

Now, that’s a lot of stairs…

se7en - 200215 - 0494.jpg

And if you just do one step at a time, they are no problem at all. The sand dunes at the bottom are another story, there could have been tears.

se7en - 200215 - 1362.jpg

Lesson About the Oceans

And of course we were there to meet our friendly ranger and learn all about the ocean…

se7en - 200215 - 0571.jpg

And in this remote spot it was quite easy to think about our world of water…

se7en - 200215 - 0573.jpg

se7en - 200215 - 0598.jpg

se7en - 200215 - 0501.jpg

se7en - 200215 - 0507.jpg


se7en - 200215 - 0543.jpg

Have you ever washed up on the beach after a shipwrecking, and just lain there recovering and feeling the sound of the waves crashing…

se7en - 200215 - 0547.jpg se7en - 200215 - 0548.jpgse7en - 200215 - 0545.jpg se7en - 200215 - 0546.jpg

One person may have been washed over, just saying!!!

se7en - 200215 - 0553.jpg

Beach Clean-Up

And the reason we do beach clean-ups…

se7en - 200215 - 0608.jpg

Because even though most pristine beaches are not that pristine…

se7en - 200215 - 0497.jpg se7en - 200215 - 0498.jpg se7en - 200215 - 0499.jpg

se7en - 200215 - 0621.jpg

A very cool find, until you think of what that rope could do to a sea creature. The biggest find: soda bottles. The rocks were covered in soda bottles… and a black bag was easily filled with just soda bottles.

se7en - 200215 - 0595.jpg

Venus Pools

A quick wander past lots of caves… that look really interesting… but lunch was calling.

se7en - 200215 - 0666.jpg

With this mighty mountain over looking us… hello, we have climbed that mountain. I have a friend that keeps calling us “hikers,” I love her for that… she may have a point.

se7en - 200215 - 0665.jpg

But after all those stairs, we headed for Venus Pools and an afternoon picnic and rock pooling…

se7en - 200215 - 1408.jpg

se7en - 200215 - 1382.jpg

se7en - 200215 - 1400.jpg

I tell you after an afternoon here, you are ready to pretty much take on the world.

se7en - 200215 - 0695.jpg

It helps to live with someone who knows all about rock pools…

se7en - 200215 - 0700.jpg

Who can tell you about all creatures great…

se7en - 200215 - 0691.jpg

And small…

se7en - 200215 - 1392.jpg

The Gang

You can safely say, that we had a good time…

se7en - 200215 - 0708.jpg

Some folk discovered that if you pop your head above the rocks, you will discover that it is quite windy enough to blow dry your hair…

se7en - 200215 - 0716.jpg

It is a great place to contemplate life…

se7en - 200215 - 1396.jpg

And the ocean…

se7en - 200215 - 0726.jpg

Who cares how cold the water is…

se7en - 200215 - 0712.jpg

All too soon it is time to head for home…

se7en - 200215 - 0764.jpg

And home again, home again, home again…

se7en - 200215 - 0776.jpg

And this picture sums it up, they really wish it wasn’t a whole month until their next visit…

se7en - 200215 - 0745.jpg

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17 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Dias Beach and Venus Pools at Cape Point…”

  1. 208 steps doesn’t sound like much but going back up looks like it could have been a mission. Well done for cleaning up the beach while you were there. Those rock pools look AWESOME! It’s officially on my to do list now ūüėČ xx

  2. This beach looks lovely! Recently I was thinking about the post you had written about your beach cleaning. Thank you for linking to that. I want to clean one of our beaches, and I will use this data form.

  3. Hi Sharlene, That is fantastic… so glad I could help you out with the link. Beach Cleanups have become a habit over here – honestly it is the least we can do when you see just how much plastic is washed up on our shores. Hope you have a great clean up!!!

  4. Oh, I wish I could have gone with you! I have always looked down at that beach and known it would be amazing. I must come visit before I am too stiff to climb the stairs…unless there is a donkey rescue like in the Grand Canyon!! Well done all of you. You are beautiful ūüôā

  5. Aunty Kathy, How lovely to hear from you again so soon…isn’t it beautiful!!! And no their are no donkeys… but slow and steady conquers the stairs. Sending so much love to you, the guys will be thrilled that you stopped by!!!

  6. Thanks for post; Planning to use our green cards there soon! Our best rock pool spot is at Froggy Pond. Park outside B &B and walk back towards Fish Hoek. You can only get there when it is low tide.

  7. Hi Margie… We enjoy a beach near there too, it is called Fisherman’s Beach… but we have never been rock pooling near Froggy Pond, can you believe. I think you guys would really enjoy Venus Pools… they are out of this world. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy those Green Cards!!!

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