Saturday Spot: We Finally Made it up Elsie’s Peak…

So we have been hiking for over a year now, our daily ambles have become a big hike once a month hiking event, and more recently we have been needing to hike and escape into the great outdoors at least once a week.

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For the longest time ever we have been meaning to hike to the very top of the mountain behind our house… we often go part of the way up, my kids are quite good at getting their mum to do stair training. Twice this summer we planned to go hiking up there and twice their was a fire. Finally we got up Elsies Peak…

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The Hike

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These eager hikers were up and good and ready. Now, two of our hikes this year have been hikes that I have put off for the longest time, because I am slightly concerned about the number of stairs and if I can actually do this… Astonishingly it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be… and while this was not an olympic event by any means… we made it, more importantly I made it!!!

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Stairs done…

se7en - 130315 - 2008.jpg

And an essential water break…

se7en - 130315 - 0182.jpg

On we went…

se7en - 130315 - 2015.jpg

And an easy walk across the top, to the summit…

se7en - 130315 - 0174.jpg

Now from our house, we always thought this was the top…

se7en - 130315 - 0088.jpg

But clearly it isn’t… and in reality it is about half way up… it was still a way to go.

se7en - 130315 - 2029.jpg

Just before the top there is this mystery… well mystery to us. Why would there be piles of building material right on top of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere? How did they get there and what are they for?

se7en - 130315 - 0082.jpg

The Wild life

We didn’t see a lot of wildlife… a couple of millipedes and these orb spiders. Birds were better… we spotted sugarbirds and sunbirds and were well pleased with that.

se7en - 130315 - 2009.jpg

The Vegetation

Well the recent fires have wrecked havoc on the area…

se7en - 130315 - 2020.jpg

Except this is fynbos, our local flora, and it is meant to burn and regrow every couple of years.

se7en - 130315 - 0169.jpg

And the ground is already recovering…

se7en - 130315 - 2013.jpg

With lots of little restios, pelargoniums…

se7en - 130315 - 2018.jpg

And of course lilies…

se7en - 130315 - 2021.jpg

The View

The point of hiking to the top is of course, that “on top of the world” feeling. And there is plenty of that available here.

se7en - 130315 - 2030.jpg
From one mountain top to another…

se7en - 130315 - 0130.jpg
Fish Hoek Beach

se7en - 130315 - 0127.jpg
Kalk Bay

se7en - 130315 - 2032.jpg

se7en - 130315 - 0134.jpg
Red Hill Road

se7en - 130315 - 0131.jpg
Glencairn Beach and Wetlainds

se7en - 130315 - 0096.jpg
The submarine.

se7en - 130315 - 0121.jpg
And trains for our avid train spotters.

The Gang

se7en - 130315 - 2017.jpg

se7en - 130315 - 0141.jpg

se7en - 130315 - 0073.jpg

se7en - 130315 - 2028.jpg

se7en - 130315 - 0077.jpg

It turned out to be a great morning walk… terribly windy on the top, which we didn’t expect this time… and yes there will be other times because we are very keen to go up every couple of weeks to observe the changing environment as the mountain recovers from the fires.

11 Replies to “Saturday Spot: We Finally Made it up Elsie’s Peak…”

  1. Mrs FF, It is definitely worth the trek… and we really have to do it more often. Up, up up the stairs… it is very good for the heart and all that!!! Hope you have the most amazing week!!!

  2. I am so glad you posted pictures of the new growth appearing as it means it’s time to go on a walk on silver mine again to watch nature reappear after the devastation. Thank you!

  3. Oh Wendy… we are sticking to the mountain behind us, Silvermine still looks pretty closed… though I am hoping at least parts of it will open up soon because, as you say … watching the regrowth is literally a wonder to behold!!! Hope you are having a great week!!!

  4. That looks like such an amazing day! It’s always great when we can slow down and enjoy the hike and notice all the little things around us.

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