Se7en + 1 Hike Through Dragon Rocks…

I know we are hiking a lot, we are hanging on to the fine weather before it becomes “Lego season” and enjoying the great outdoors as much as we can, while the good weather lasts. Though if you take a peek at the photographs you will see that the entire gang is wearing sweaters… unheard of but true.

se7en - 150515 - 3523.jpg

This past Friday we went on one of our favourite hikes, when you follow the route on the map it takes you through interesting landmarks called: The Maze, Dragon Rocks, Aloe Gully, Two Tree Gully and Shelter Rock… there is also lighthouse view, but there was a cold and misty situation. Before our hike we headed down to Olifant’s Bos to spend time with our ranger and learn about food webs.

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Olifant’s Bos and the Food Chain

se7en - 150515 - 3470.jpg

Yes it was cold, and the wind was crazy…

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Someone was telling us all about producers and consumers… herbivores, carnivores and omnivores…

se7en - 150515 - 0028.jpg

And then everyone got busy building their food chains…

se7en - 150515 - 3477.jpg

Beginning with the sun, then kelp producers, and primary consumers… and onwards and upwards…

se7en - 150515 - 3483.jpg

And what about grass and then bontebok skat…

se7en - 150515 - 3480.jpg

And an entire food web.

se7en - 150515 - 0091.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0043.jpg

And a Beach Clean-Up

Turns out nobody wants to visit a beach in the Nature Reserve without doing a beach clean up anymore… what looks like pristine beach from far always turns up heaps of plastic and miles of fishing line.

se7en - 150515 - 0018.jpg

So much trash washes up onto the beach…

se7en - 150515 - 3485.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0115.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0121.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0130.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0163.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0183.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0187.jpg

Off to Dragon Rocks for a picnic Lunch.

It is a short hike up the hill to the place we were after for lunch…

se7en - 150515 - 0210.jpg

A lot of through the rocks…

se7en - 150515 - 0224.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0228.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0235.jpg

When you have done a hike before and your gang may know what is up ahead… definitely worth running for…

se7en - 150515 - 0280.jpg

When you get to the rocks that look like the have ancient writing on them… you know you are close…

se7en - 150515 - 0251.jpg

Just follow the yellow poles…

se7en - 150515 - 0256.jpg

Really, between the rocks…

se7en - 150515 - 0260.jpg

Could this be the dragon…

se7en - 150515 - 0262.jpg

Just incredible rocks…

se7en - 150515 - 0290.jpg

Stopped for a clamber and lunch…

se7en - 150515 - 3492.jpg

Great rocks for clambering on…

se7en - 150515 - 0269.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0284.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0286.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0299.jpg

On top of the World

se7en - 150515 - 0303.jpg

We met some rangers on the way, which was a lovely surprise… we don’t normally meet anyone on our hikes in Cape Point.

se7en - 150515 - 0291.jpg

From the start of the hike you would never know that there was an amazing playground/picnic spot between the rocks. In fact only when you look down can you see this green oasis. From the start of the hike it looks like one long scramble through white rocks on open exposed ground – looks can be deceiving, especially in the great outdoors.

se7en - 150515 - 0305.jpg

Onwards and upwards to the top of the world…

se7en - 150515 - 0317.jpg

And wow, the proteas are all popping up through the area that was burnt last, last year.

se7en - 150515 - 0313.jpg

Through the Dell

se7en - 150515 - 0378.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0398.jpg

This part isn’t labeled on the map, but it could be called my favourite spot in the world…

se7en - 150515 - 0402.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 3501.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 0462.jpg

Last little bit and we were done, it was all over far too soon.
se7en - 150515 - 0483.jpg

Just a little bit of rain…

se7en - 150515 - 3514.jpg


se7en - 150515 - 3510.jpg

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se7en - 150515 - 0266.jpg

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se7en - 150515 - 0348.jpg

se7en - 150515 - 3508.jpg

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14 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Hike Through Dragon Rocks…”

  1. I don’t know, it looks like Hood #4 couldn’t be convinced to put on a sweater ūüėČ Looks lovely!

  2. Haha GM, well spotted. He was wearing a sweater some of the time but he had this idea that if he was running about he wouldn’t be cold… he may or may not have been freezing in the creation of this blog post!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  3. Hay Wendy Young… I think we have switched over from the time that I needed to encourage my kids to gp hiking to now they just expect it as part of their weekly life… it is a good place to be and we had a lot of fun – really whatever the weather it is great to just get out!!! Hope you are having a good week!!!

  4. MRs FF, We haven’t had a chance to hike this week and my guys are grumbling – so great they have swapped over to the “we can’t live without hiking” side!!! I love it… will have to squeeze something in this weekend!!!

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