Saturday Spot: Se7en Visit Cape Gate’s Winter Ice Slides…

So it is mid-winter over here, which means three days of hard rain followed by a day of sunshine and then again. And a whole lot of cold thrown in for good measure. The one thing we do not have is snow… on the distant mountains, a day’s drive away, maybe. But not where we live.

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Very occasionally there is snow on the top of Table Mountain, um and we all know that’s a fair climb. Snow on the ground that you can actually play with is not a feature in our wintry world. So much so, that our kids have never seen actual snow before.

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But hold on, it is also a mid-year break for most schools, and plenty of parents are desperately looking for fun things to do. And there are heaps of things available for kids to do all over Cape Town… not least of all…

CAPE Gate’s Winter Ice Slide

Some folk were fairly excited about trying this out, so much so that they got up before dawn on Saturday morning to be there by opening time…

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You can read all the details about times and ticket prices here… But, if you ask my girls, what you really need to know is “What to wear?” Is it hot or cold, wet or dry… there was a lot of pondering and debate. Well cold, because it is a cold time of year, but layers are what you need, because as soon as they have run up and down the ramps a couple of times they are going to be hot. Also they are riding in inner tubes… so even our wildest creatures remained dry throughout. So layers of regular clothes for having fun… and there will be fun… lots of it.

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They were still getting everything ready when we arrived, but the purpose of the mysterious tunnel soon became apparent…this is where your tobogganists will emerge from they 45m high slide.

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Yes… you could hear certain people launch from the top and go AAAALLLLL the way down… let me just say, this is not a quiet activity!!!

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But if you are looking for action to cope with energetic cabin fever… then look no further, this will certainly tick all the boxes for using up excess energy!!!

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se7en - 270615 - 0597.jpg

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se7en - 270615 - 0565.jpg

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Tobogganing is a Winner

Everybody loved it, some in their cool, calm and collected way… and others less so!!!

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So, scream with joy all the way down and dash to the very top again and repeat until you just can’t anymore…

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Did I mention and repeat…

se7en - 270615 - 0621.jpg

se7en - 270615 - 0626.jpg

A warm drink…

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Ahem if your drink is too hot… you can always cool it down…

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There is a Smaller Slope

For those who don’t think they can handle a 45 m downhill run, there is a smaller slope… It looks just as much fun!!!

se7en - 270615 - 0691.jpg

se7en - 270615 - 0693.jpg

se7en - 270615 - 0680.jpg

se7en - 270615 - 0701.jpg

se7en - 270615 - 0667.jpg

se7en - 270615 - 0676.jpg

And requires quite a bit of energetic launching up and down the slope…

se7en - 270615 - 0672.jpg

se7en - 270615 - 0672.jpg

Thank you so much to Cape Gate and Hippo Communications for inviting us to the launch of their Winter Ice Slide. This is not a sponsored post, we were not paid to write it, the opinions expressed are as usual, entirely our own.

6 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en Visit Cape Gate’s Winter Ice Slides…”

  1. Oh Cat, Honestly, I wouldn’t normally choose to take my gang to a shopping mall… but this was just too thrilling to miss. It was literally to cool to comprehend!!! Hope you all have a great week!!!

  2. Hay Christi, to say they had the best fun is just a little bit of an understatement!!! Hope you are having a good week!!!

  3. Hahaha Marcia, we could hear them right from the top… wwhhheeeeeeeee all the way down, they totally loved it!!!

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