Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #294

So we had a busy week not totally crazy, but busy… and what saved the day was instead of blogging late into the night, I slept. Not the best blogging tip of all time, but probably the best relationship tip, for getting on with your kids and helping them through their school work. It is the season of heaps of school getting done… which means I move from student to student throughout the day – they might get plenty of time to play, but I can’t say the same for myself.

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The only way to survive the day after day is to use my time wisely and head for the great outdoors any time we have a moment… so out and hiking whenever we can. Heading for the hills is clearly our fabulous family antidote to many hours spent around the table.


Lovely Links from This Week

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Book of the Week

A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes, published by Penguin Random House South Africa: These is a teen fantasy read that occurs in two worlds or “times”… modern day Toronto and Mytica. There is an ever intriguing mystery, a sweet romance and the fantasy is not of the dark dystopian kind at all.

Basically, “What happens when you open a package that isn’t addressed to you?” Well a whole world of magic opens up, of course. Crys and her sister, Becca, work after school in the family book shop in modern day Toronto. When they open a package, thinking it is just another delivery, they discover a mysterious and ancient looking book. Becca touches the book and collapses into a coma, she has infact left this world and vanished into another. Crys is the first narrator and needs to find help for Becca, who has been transported to another place and time, and fast. The second narrator in the story is Farrel, who also lives in Toronto, he is somewhat brainwashed by his master and faces a continuous struggle with doing the right thing – or not. And finally there is Maddox, a lad from the other world, who is trying to come to terms with and understand his magical powers. Everyone loves Maddox, including Becca.

This is the first book in a trilogy, and a new series that is a spin off of the Falling Kingdoms series. Never having read Morgan Rhodes before I think one or two of my teens will be off to explore her previous series as well as eagerly awaiting the next instalment in this one.

We were given a copy of A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes, published by Penguin Random House South Africa for review purposes. We were not paid for our review, this is not a sponsored post and the opinions expressed are as usual our own.

That’s us… Hope your weekend was a fabulous one and we are so looking forward to another week of blogging with you!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #294”

  1. Oh Zoe, you are too kind, thank you. And we too are looking forward to an illustrated Harry Potter to dive into. Hope you have a fun week!!!

  2. Mrs FF, Totally… there is a time to work and a time to rest. I have only recently discovered the rest aspect of things – and boy does it make everything so much better. Sending love to you and your sweet baby girl!!!

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