French Classic Cooking With Franck… The Soup Edition…

Well this was our first week of real cooking on our A French Classic Cooking Course… And a warm welcome to those folk who have signed up and joined us on our cooking adventure…

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Lesson 2: Soups

The first real cooking happened in this week’s cooking class… we were excited to dive in and get started. My gang will be cooking entirely without me… and it is going to be interesting to see how they manage as they go along. In fact soups were the perfect warm up lesson, because you get great and tasty results, without too much trickery… basically chop your ingredients and into the pot they go… and you end up with an extremely tasty family meal in almost no time at all.

Soup #1: Soupe Gratinée à l’Oignon…

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Turns out we needed an extra peace of equipment, that wasn’t on the list… but whatever it takes.

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And after peeling all the onions nobody wanted to slice them, so into the food processor they went. I am all for keeping cooking fun, rather than a punishment!!!

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Literally all the ingredients into the pot… and cook away.

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Brown Onion Soup is really remarkably easy to cook and everyone, except one (there is always one!) loved it… so onto the menu it goes.

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Soup #2: Soupe Au Pistou with Garlic Croutons…

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This soup was featured on the video and I thought it would be harder to prepare than it actually was. In fact, it turned out to be the perfect soup for a group of kids to cook. The video really helped, step by step through the recipe they went. The trickiest part was remembering to soak the beans the night before we wanted to eat them.

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Lots of vegetables to chop up, so plenty of chance for everyone to have a turn…

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Peeling tomatoes wasn’t as easy as it looked, but they managed….

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And making the Pistou was a winner, everyone loved that. We definitely need to make this more often… delicious and fun!!!

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And that was it… the soup bubbled away, while everything else was cleaned up… and family dinner was served. This is the kind of meal my kids love to eat and I predict a lot more soups like this in the winter time.

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Class Photo

And we have quite a few folk joining us on the course, send us your pictures and let us know how it went. Or post on instagram, we will post photographs of our cooking adventure on instagram (#cookingwithse7en). I loved this picture sent in by our classmates… their soup looked gorgeous and showed us exactly what our soup would turn out to be!!!

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Next week we will be concentrating on sauces… not to mention making the father person’s favourite breakfast, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. It is time to surprise him and create it at home!!! Happy cooking and if you are following along then let us know how it is going, we would love to hear back from you.

How to Join Us

It isn’t too late to join in at all and if you still want to join in then check out our previous post and leave a comment… The French Classic Cooking Course is available right now on the UDEMY site at $29.00… but I have a fabulous special of our readers, wherever you are in the world. I have a number of vouchers that will allow up to fifty folk to join us for only $5.

If you would like to join us, leave a comment

You will receive, via email, a voucher that allows you to access the course for only $5. I do have to add that this isn’t automated, I have to email each of you and it might take a little while to get back to you, we homeschool a number of kids over here and email takes time… don’t panic I will get back to you with a voucher as soon as I possibly can.


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We would like to thank Yuppie Chef for inviting us to join them on their new Cooking School Adventure with UDEMY. This is not a sponsored post and we were not paid to write it. However Yuppie Chef did provide us with free access to the course and fifty $5. vouchers to share with our readers. Opinions expressed throughout our journey will be as usual, entirely our own.

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