French Classic Cooking With Franck: The Steak Edition…

I cannot believe how fast Our French Classic Cooking Course has flown by, just one more class after this one. Next week is the last lesson and we will be mastering Creme Brûlée and Crêpes Suzette and I know the whole gang will be on board for that.

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Lesson 6: Steak the French Way

Meanwhile, we had an absolute splurge feast over here… on the menu this week: Steak with a Bordelaise sauce, and Odette’s pommes purée gratin and fine beans.

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First up was the preparation… blanched the beans, got a potato mashing expert from lesson 4 to prepare a dish of mash potatoes and sprinkle that with parmesan cheese and pop that into the oven, while we made our sauce and steaks. First step to getting everything done was putting all the ingredients out on the table…

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And my army of choppers got to work…

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And in case anyone has any illusions… just a regular night with piles of dishes and laundry to put away and well let’s concentrate on the job at hand.

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All these delicious goodies in the pot with a bottle of wine…

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Then strain and reduce away…

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Then onto the steak, and while it rested…

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We got the beans ready…

se7en - 130316 - 2037.jpg


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By now your parmesan topped mashed potatoes are smelling somewhat heavenly!!!

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Ready to plate up…

se7en - 130316 - 2043.jpg

We were good to go…

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Class Photos

This week one of the class tried the other steak recipe from the class: Steak au poivre, with Odette’s pommes purée gratin and fine beans… A fine pepper sauce… and next time we splurge on steak then we will be conquering this recipe.

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Huge “well done” to our classmates, who are following along. Next week is our last class of the French Classic Cooking Course, send your photos in, we would love to post your pictures… it doesn’t matter where you are in the course go ahead send us your pictures. If you pop them on instagram then use the hashtag: #cookingwithse7en so that we can find you…

The Class so Far

Next week we will be cooking creme brûlée and crepes suzette, there are people over here that are really excited about this. It’s going to be fabulous. Happy cooking and if you are following along then let us know how it is going, we would love to hear back from you.


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We would like to thank Yuppie Chef for inviting us to join them on their new Cooking School Adventure with UDEMY. This is not a sponsored post and we were not paid to write it. However Yuppie Chef did provide us with free access to the course and fifty $5. vouchers to share with our readers. Opinions expressed throughout our journey will be as usual, entirely our own.

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  1. Oh wow, how can you go wrong with steak?! And you know how I feel about potatoes… What a feast!

  2. PS I am trying to post the books and would you believe none of the shops have those mailing bags?! I know, I can’t believe it myself. I’m going to write a blog for tomorrow and try some makeshift thing………… hopefully it works!

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