Table Mountain CableWay… ‘Tis the #KidzSeason…

This past Saturday we were invited to the Table Mountain’s first #KidzSeason meet up by Table Mountain CableWay. My gang were beyond excited to be invited to this event and after days of anticipation, and building excitement, they had an absolute blast.

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During the winter months the Table Mountain Cable Way has a special for kids. The Cableway Kidz Season, for each paying adult, two kids can go free…

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It’s not hard to understand why Table Mountain is one of the New Se7en Wonders of Nature…

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Free Shuttle

First things first… The Cable Car is one of Cape Town’s biggest tourist attractions and almost every visitor to the city has it right at the top of their must visit list. Parking in the past has always been a problem. But they have introduced a free bus shuttle, from the lower cableway, where there is plenty of parking. And honestly a bus trip just added a whole new level of excitement to the adventure.

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Up and Away

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Looking down on hikers winding their way up the mountain…

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And hikers taking a break…
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We found ourselves about the clouds…

Looking Down on the City of Cape Town

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Cape Town was covered in an autumn blanket… with little peaks into the city…

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Up on top it was crisp and clear…

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Treasure Hunting

Part of you the Kidz Season ticket is a treasure map… taking all the little visitors on a tour of the information boards and a little wander around the mountain top looking for amazing facts and finding all the best viewing sites at the same time… One thing my kids all love is a treasure hunt… they were off!!!

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The WildLife

There is a lot to see and so much to look at, and you are never far from typical Cape Wildlife… it was too cold for the lizards to be out, but the fynbos was on show for us, and so were the dassies. Not to mention the crows, who were scavenging themselves a quick breakfast…

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The cafe has a Kidz season special too… and my guys were happy to try out the kiddies menu…

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Super friendly staff and giant pizza slices… can’t go wrong with that.

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The WiFi Lounge

On to the WIFI lounge. This is right on top of the Cable Car Station and literally on top of the world. I could work here all day… the view is forever, the service with a galactic smile, and fine, fine coffee… not to mention plugs and adaptors for every possible devise, hmmm this would be a most excellent place to get away and work. Fine coffee on the top of the mountain, gets a yes please, from me!!!

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The Hike

Now the thing about Table Mountain is that it is high…. the very top is 1085m up in the sky. Twice this year we have been very close to the tippy top and I knew when my kids discovered that we had a ride up the Cable Car that they would want to take full advantage of their tickets and take the very easy walk across the mountain top to the reach Maclean’s Beacon. It is a 45 minute walk each way and a really easy walk, getting up the mountain its the hard part. So as soon as my gang of hikers could escape to the hills they literally skipped along the mountain top.

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They were happy to leave the tourists behind…

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And get wandering…

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The path along the front of the mountain was closed for rehabilitation… so it was really an easy there and back walk straight across the top.

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Past my nemesis, the very beautiful Platteklip Gorge, which a couple of years back is what got me hiking again after years of not hiking…

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Places to clamber…

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And frog filled puddles…

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And fynbos…

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And views…

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Maclear’s Beacon

Race you to the top… last time we were up here, I was so excited to make it all the way that I forgot to take photographs… so we had to capture the moment!!!

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Down and Down… and Down…

A quick walk back to the station and down we went…

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The Gallery of Hikers

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Waving Goodbye…

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Thank you to the Table Mountain Cable Way for a great day out and for inviting us to your first KidzSeason Meetup, we all loved it.

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This was not a sponsored post, we were paid to write it or asked to write it. We were supplied with cablecar tickets for the event. Opinions expressed are as usual entirely our own.

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  1. What a fun adventure- and how awesome to be at the tip top! So neat to be above the clouds. I imagine you could see for miles!

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