Se7en+1 Discover the Big Box Café…

I am completely interrupting our flow of blogging to say that we discovered a little gem this weekend. We headed for the city for a brilliant book launch, which I’ll be blogging next week, and found ourselves in the heart of the city and in desperate need of a snack. We popped into the Big Box Café… Firstly it is French, and the perfect place for our French students to practice their skills. But the critical thing is that it is a Boardgame Café. Hello… heaven!!!


So we had coffee and toasted sandwiches and a delicious crepe filled with lemon curd. The food was fabulous… and we took no pics because we have priorities and there is entire wall of new and innovative games to play,, not to mention a whole ton of familiar classics as well.


Games for one…


Games for fun…


Games for two… so many spot it’s!!!



Games in all shapes and sizes…



Games for everyone…


Traditional games of every variety…


Beautiful wooden games…


Games of skill…



And this has to be our new favourite game… Qwirkle Cubes, Lovely wooden blocks… and requires rows of colour or shape… no reading skills required, really the whole family can play… It is the perfect game.




If you need to while away some time in the city… time will fly while you visit The Big Box Café… Coffee and games and ours of fun… I can see this is going to become a steady outing for our family!!!

This is not a sponsored post, we were not paid or asked to write it all… Just a spot we happened to love and thought we needed to share because it is really so very cool… happy gaming.

9 Replies to “Se7en+1 Discover the Big Box Café…”

  1. Hay Christi, Isn’t it so very cool… I can see we are going to “need” to take many more trips into the city suddenly… it was a stunning place to stop and play… and really reasonable too!!! Hope you all have the best week!!!

  2. Oh Cassey, you would love it!!! A very good reason for you to head into the city… fantastico!!! Have a great week!!!

  3. Oh Marcia, you guys would love this place… games for every age and stage and it is just lovely… you have to come to Cape Town again… in the Autumn!!! Have a fabulous week!!!

  4. Hahaha Cheryl, you are right about that… we stopped for a quick sandwich and literally hours later we were all still happily playing!!! Hope you have had a fabulous week!!!

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