The Se7en Gang Hikes Up Lion’s Head…

It has been rainy all week and the gang have been itching to get outdoors and onto the mountains… we have also had scheduled on the calendar for months, a hike up Lion’s Head in celebration of Ranger Day on the 31 July. When we woke up it was dark and pouring with rain… Not to mention we had watched this video clip, of A Dawn Hike up Lion’s Head, via our hiking friend at Table Mountain Treks, Justin Hawthorne. More than one of my kids thought that this was a killer hike after that. Turns out it wasn’t, everyone got there and back one piece and we highly recommend this adventurous hike for families with a fairly good level of fitness.


We are always astonished at the number of tourists that think hiking and walking are the same thing and they head out of the city and up the mountain in slip-slops, or even high heeled sandals. The weather did change for the better on the day and we had a glorious Cape Town winter’s day… but it could just as quickly change for the worse and you would need at least a sweater or some sort of rain protection. And the top of this mountain there is some fairly energetic scrambling required… you need to be wearing comfortable shoes. Everyone from age 6 and up loved hiking up Lion’s Head. It is a half day hike… though because of the scramble at the top I would suggest that maybe it isn’t the easiest hike to choose to launch up. Very small children and unseasoned hikers, those scared of heights might struggle with the top of this mountain… but it is glorious to get a view of the entire city, it is so worth it.


Let’s Begin at the Beginning


An a crisp morning view of Table Mountain…


Up we went and gearing up for World Ranger Day on 31 July, we had rangers there to guide us all the way. Rangers patrol our mountains everyday… if you spot them stop and say hi, they are full of wonderful snippets of information… they are a mine of friendly information.


The first time I have ever seen a natural forest of silver trees…


How beautiful are these shimmery trees…


The route circles its way around the mountain… you get a 360 degree trip winding your way up to the top… it is pretty epic!!!


We went past caves…


As you wind around the view is spectacular…


And up… did I mention up…


The day warmed up… and some of us stopped for a refreshing shower…


Drip… drip… drip…


And a window in the rocks…


And then there is the vertical route, with chains and ladders and well it is vertical.


And an alternative route that goes up and around… There were folk amongst the gang a little offended that we (I) chose the up and around route… turns out a mother person has a few limits!!!


And did I say up…


And around…


And up…


And up…


Another rest… and a beautiful bug…



The City Below







And if you are going to the top of the mountain… and it is called Lion’s Head…


Then you will have to draw a lion in the fynbos….


And then down again…


This is a great half-day hike, we will definitely be back to hike to the top with the hoods that couldn’t make it… this is a hike full of little surprises and lovely adventures…


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10 Replies to “The Se7en Gang Hikes Up Lion’s Head…”

  1. Such stunning pictures. I shall live vicariously through your pictures until I get to do this in person.

    Ps: I can believe anyone would attempt a hike in flip flops or heels.

  2. Another fun hike with spectacular views! Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. Hay Mrs FF, live on, live on !!! And aren’t some folks crazy… this is a genuine hike that needs a sensible choose and a fair amount of stamina and enthusiasm to complete… the views make it so stunning and absolutely worth it!!! Hope you have the best day…

  4. Hay Christi, this is a very popular hike over here and I used to do it as a student… but have never figured to take the gang there… the time was right!!! It is very pretty on the night of full moon, when hundreds of folk trail up the mountain side and it looks like ribbons of fairy lights from folks head torches… lovely!!!

  5. Oh Marcia, that is the kind of shirt her mother buys for her!!! When she was tiny and did soccer she had one that said, “You wish you kicked like a girl.” Love it!!!

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