Se7en Take a Visit to Cape Point to See the Cormorants…

This weekend summer arrived in full force and after weeks of gale force wind we headed down to Cape Point to take a look at the cormorants…


Getting There…

To see the cormorants you need to head straight down to the main parking lot at the lighthouse… amble up the hill towards the lighthouse…

Just below the lighthouse there are lookout points looking towards Diaz Beach…


And down the cliffs… you really are high above the ocean here…


And further south you have the real lighthouse… the one used to warn ships of the treacherous and rocky shore…


It might seem a little strange to have two lighthouses. The first lighthouse, with the red roof, was built on the top of the cliffs. I imagine the idea being that it would be spotted for miles around. Unfortunately, because it is above the cliffs meant that a lot of the time it is lost in mist and during stormy weather surrounded by clouds. So the newer lighthouse was built closer to sea level and really can be seen for miles around.


There are quite a few tourists in this section of the park… and on such a hot and summery day, lots of umbrellas too. Most folk come all the way down the park to head up to the lighthouse… it is a beautiful spot and as well as a view of the whole of False Bay,


You can also see walking trails for miles around…


The Cape Cormorants

From the view points just below the red roofed lighthouse, if you turn back towards the cliffs you have a clear view of the local flock of cormorants…


Flying in and out of the cliffs are these graceful birds…


Some of them sunning themselves…


And a lot of them nesting…


The young ones are only left momentarily…


Before the parents return…


Its fascinating to watch…


The Really Easy Lighthouse Walk

If you do find yourself at Cape Point on a fairly wind free day then seize the moment and take the lighthouse walk, from one lighthouse down to the other… you get glorious views of False Bay and the Atlantic Ocean… we usually spot an array of small wild life… daisies and lizards, and if you stay on the path it is a lovely walk.


Yes they are all quite mad!!!



This curious little fellow discovered the crumbs form someone’s sandwich and we watched him nibble away.


You can’t get right down to the lighthouse, there is a viewing point just above it.


And from the path you can look up to the higher lighthouse…


Otherwise Cape Point is Always Good for Rock Pooling


And a little way up the coast from Bordjiesdrift you will find the best rock pooling spots…




Se7en’s Guide to Hiking in Cape Point

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  1. The last time we went to Cape Point we found a small, bright blue crab on a beach. Have you seen one of these there before? Wondered what kind it was.

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