Se7en’s Fabulous Fun #345

So we are back into the regular swing of things… plenty of school, plenty of reading aloud and getting stuff done…


Lovely Links from This Week

  1. Such fun and colourful artiness with Salt Painting… in the Artful Parent.
  2. Just saying if you need a hike, then this trip along the Tsitsikama Trail looks like a little bit of heaven: If Not the Otter Trail… then this Trail… in GetAway Magazine.
  3. If you looking to just change from a lifestyle of shopping, shopping, and more shopping then this is a great read My “Buy nothing year” How one woman saved $22000 in the Telegraph…
  4. We have to try Ivy’s Fruit Tart on Somewhere Slower…
  5. And… 10 Ridiculously Simple Steps to Writing a Book.
  6. Gotta Love Molly Moo’s Storage Fun…
  7. It’s Multicultural Children’s Book Day on the 27 January… follow Pragmaticmom for tons and tons of book ideas.
  8. International Book Giving Day is Looming, and yes we have a project to share with our readers. In the meantime head over to their site and take a peak at their lovely book marks.

This Week’s Highlights

An unheard of event, I finished every book I was reading last week and I find myself between books… a rare and alarming place to be, not to mention so many decisions on my “to read” list…

Family Reading: We got these books out of the library last week and it has been very quiet around here… there is a Lego revival as folk play and play and play some more…

Listening: There are some folk that I have followed for ever through blogging and podcasting, and really they feel like family… Sorta Awesome Podcast is one those. Last week they featured their favourite follows… including our instagram feed… I was way beyond surprised and thrilled!!!

Watching with the Kids: We have begun A Series of Unfortunate Events… and will see how it goes…

Watching Myself: The Australian Open… as one does.

Planning: Next month’s new theme on our 52 Weeks of Getting Things Done Series… we will be heading into the kitchen…

This Month’s GiveAway

If you haven’t entered our fabulous Give Away… then follow the link and leave a comment!!!


A Blast From the Past


That’s us… Hope you are all have a fabulous week!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun #345”

  1. Hi there!
    I tried to follow your link for no. 7 above.. the Pragmaticmom link, but it’s the wrong link… thought you should know 🙂

  2. I do enjoy that podcast now and again, but their intro is farrrrrrrrrrrr too long. Well, for me.

    I loved the one on friendship she did last year sometime.

  3. Hay Marcia, I do enjoy this podcast, I don’t listen to them all though. I always have to save it for a long drive or a huge pile of dishes… because it is long.. but I enjoy the chat and feel like I am amongst like minded friends and I was totally blown away and surprised in the best possible way by the mention. Hope you are all having a great week!!!

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