Fabulous Fun Post #351

‘Tis the season for endless glorious sunrises… and I am totally up for them!!!


Lovely Links from This Week

  1. My goal for Plastic Free July was to stop using cling wrap forever, I have a few days to go. So far we have stopped a lot of the last of our lingering single use plastic this month and all plastic shopping bags have gone forever. And to help me with our actual goal: I need to look out for some beeswax food wraps and sandwich pockets… it is time.7 Plastic Free Alternatives to Food Wrap on Treading my Own Path.
  2. Outdoor Families Online has a heap of fun activities to do… I am all for getting outdoors, so good stuff!!!
  3. I have thought for years that I need a library card catalogue (spotted on Book Riot), now I know it!!!
  4. How darling is this Fairy House Kit on Babyccino, I am sure my kids would love to create little houses!!!
  5. On Family Style Schooling: 9 Excellent Resources for Drawing the World… We have the kindle version of Learning to draw Africa and we are using it in Family School this year… a country a day… and slowly but surely we are getting there.
  6. Handmade Charlotte is everything to love and so is her Rag Doll’s Around the World Series.
  7. I know my youngest is going to love this: The Case of Adventure has a new podcast: Countries for Kids, and free downloadable activity pages… first country on the journey is Madagascar.

A Blast From the Past:


A Jumblies Week That Was…

Since we celebrated nine years of blogging last week, I thought it would be fun to pop some “Week that Was” posts up this week!!!

And a Quick Catch Up on what We Are Reading

This Week’s Bedtime Story

The Complete Brambly Hedge by Jill Barklem: This is an annual read, tradition really. We borrow it from my mom and pour over each season… so many details in the beautiful countryside illustrations. We love theses stories, so perfect, so lovely and so much to love. If you are looking for Brambley Hedge check out the Wildlife Trust.

The Kids on Audible

We have just been on winter break and tomorrow we are getting back into school… more tor less… and we are starting of with the Little House in the Bog Woods on Audible. I have been dying to listen to this forever… and I have a feeling we will all enjoy it.

On my Kindle

Reset by blogger David Murray: This book is aimed at men who are living on the edge. It is the sort of book that you gift your husband for father’s day and then it gets forgotten what breakfast in bed and back to work on Monday, until “Oh I wish I had read that book on burnout already.” Well… that didn’t happen in our house. I have read and reviewed David Murray’s books before (Jesus on Every Page and The Happy Christian) and I wanted to read this book as soon as I saw it launch. And since I have read it, I have passed it on to the Father Person to read… because it is an excellent read (for anyone really). The book is aimed at men involved in ministry, not just pastors… but those men who are stretched between a nine to five job that is actually a 24 hour job, they have Bible study or church meetings a couple of times a week, they want to be the best husband, best father and of course the best son to ageing parents as well. This book doesn’t say, quit everything and collapse… but it is a very good note to “get real, there is only so much you can do.” If your priorities are right then you have got this. In true David Murray style it is a very practical approach based on biblical principles. And since this is my year for learning about sleep, the book really caught my attention when after establishing a reality check on where you are and what you are at… he dives into the how and why we need more sleep than any of us are getting. Right there… this book has enormous value and this is a message that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. He goes on to address other issues facing folk trying to survive in an ever increasingly fast paced world. The book is empowering, not just because it points out where we need to make changes in our daily lives but the “WHY” we need to make these changes. This is definitely a book to gift your husband… if he isn’t a big reader then gift hime with the audible. This book could literally be life changing for your family.

On Audible

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James Loewen: I try to alternate books I am dying to read and books I think I should read on my audible list… this was definitely on the should read list. It was a tricky listen, the chapters are long and the listening intense. This book kept showing up as something to be read and now that I have listened my way through it I know why… If your kids study American History, actually any history, in school then you should listen/read this book. Certainly, my highschoolers would gain a lot from reading this book. The narrative that we get from textbook reading leads you to believe that America is the land of hope and glory… I have no problem with that, but it is not realistic… we all fall short of expectations and so do national heroes and nations. As parents we know that the child that is telling the tale is somewhat biased to their own advantage… just as history is naturally biased towards the narrator. This book will encourage you to think about the other side of every story… this book will encourage to consider the cost of battles won, at home and away. Thought provoking from the first chapter to the last… from Columbus to the Modern Era. How did American society become so stratified, how did textbooks become packed with blind optimism? Certainly in our country as history textbooks have been rewritten in the last twenty years, they are telling a very different story to the textbooks that I may have read in school… just as biased, but in a different direction. I think there is a lot to learn and a certain awakening, when we are called to question from which angle the story is being written, especially when the facts and the narrative do not align themselves. Great book, though I found it quite intense… so listen to a chapter and take a break and then another chapter and so on…

That’s us… hope you have a fabulous week!!!


2 Replies to “Fabulous Fun Post #351”

  1. Thank you for the link about drawing the world; this is something I’ve wanted to do in our school for a while!

    Nine years! That’s something! I sure am glad you’re still here! Have a great week, gang! xo

  2. I know, Christi, nine years is a long time!!! How did it pass by so fast and I am so glad we have documented some of our memories!!! My kids have really enjoyed Draw the World… we have only done one country a day… and it is slow going, but it sticks!!! Even I am remembering which country goes where. I had no idea that there were so many versions available… we could be busy drawing the world for years to come!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

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