Se7en Visits Gold Restaurant Again…

It has been a while since we visited Gold Restaurant and I am afraid a visit just cannot go past without a blog post. We recently spent a week in the centre of Cape Town, and were spoilt by being invited to start our week with a dinner out at one of Cape Town’s most prestigious restaurants. Honestly, if you are a local or an out of town visitor, this is would be on our list of top places to visit in Cape Town, just to fill your senses with the tastes, the sights and sounds, the aromas and sensation of Africa. Our kids have been visiting since they were tiny… and the gracious staff make it not just a place for tourists to visit but a venue for local families to experience something far bigger than their everyday, in a warm and welcoming environment.


Gold is a renowned Cape Town restaurant that shares the taste and feel of Africa with such style and aplomb. It’s not about the feast, though that is fantastic, it is about the whole experience, an unforgettable night out on the town. It is a complete experience, served up with such love and attention to detail that you can’t help being on top of the world afterwards. And weeks and months and even years later my children will still say, “Remember when we were at Gold…”

The Drumming Class

Upon arrival there is a drumming class… and for those of you who have never done drumming before, this is the way to begin… together in a class, out loud, in time… so much fun!!!


The Feast

There is a splendid spread, of flavours and tastes from all over Africa… familiar flavours and new tastes to try. There is a set menu that honestly goes on and on, and my only warning is not to get ahead of yourself in the early stages because there will be so many delicious things to try further along in the evening…


The Marvellous Menu

Let’s talk about the menu… it is a set menu, and array of fourteen courses. All you have to do is choose your beverage and enjoy the food that is brought to your table, while the show goes on around you.


Snoek paté and roosterkoek to start with. Snoek paté is a traditional Cape fish dish and fresh from the oven roosterkoek, literally means toasted bread, usually served fresh from the fire.


Rich and Spicy Zanzibar Soup… with ground chilli and ginger, this has to be our favourite in fact it inspired us to try and make our own a couple of years back.


This is followed by Zambian Kandolo Balls, which my family absolutely loved, spicy sweet potato balls rolled in sesame seeds; Kenyan Mihindi Patties Patties with maize and spinach; Ethiopian Iab, a dip from cottage cheese, yogurt and fresh herbs; as well as spicy lamb and ostrich samoosas.


And then they have Chicken Satays served on a stick with delicious sauce. So very delicious… and moving on!!!


Egyptian lentils, packed with spices and a spoonful of yogurt; Mango and Lime Chicken from East Africa; and a slowly cooked stew from Botswana… as well as a Moroccan dish of roast vegetables and couscous.


The meal is rounded off with a Morrocon Orange and Walnut Cake… which the father person loved. The rest of us settled for cookies…


And the fruit platter from heaven…


I love how they all went the extra mile, coping with allergies and feeding teenage boys just a little bit extra (!!!) and a little bit more just to make sure they were filled up. Really this doesn’t feel like eating in a restaurant at all, it has the feeling of being welcomed home, where full tummies ensure full hearts. All served with grace and beauty…


The Celebrity Chef


They remembered this lad with a passion for cooking, and welcomed him straight back into the kitchen… just like old times!!!


And of course a very happy dance to celebrate…


The Spectacular Show


Throughout the evening, between courses you are entertained by amazing performances…


Incredible puppets, that used to send my little ones under the table (!), but not anymore!!! Stories told in dance and drumming…


And there are certain people that can’t help themselves and must of course just join in!!!



The Show


The magic of course lies in the sprinkling of gold dust…


And the graceful puppets…



Making Memories


And sweet memories made…





Stepping Back in Time

This is a restaurant that feels like home… the love and the welcoming atmosphere…

Our very first visit to Gold…

Trying out the Winter Menu…

Just the Best Night Out at Gold…

Thank you to the whole team at Gold Restaurant for gifting us with this wonderful evening… you are a magical crew and we love you.


We were gifted with a dinner for our family, and were in no way expected to provide a review, we chose to write this post and all opinions expressed are as usual our own.

7 Replies to “Se7en Visits Gold Restaurant Again…”

  1. Oh Christi, If guys ever get to Cape Town then this has to be one of your must see spots!!! Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

  2. Keep it there dvs, totally totally the best family feast… encourage your family from afar to go there… it is really worth the fun!!! Have a great week!!!

  3. Well, Marcia, Honestly… I can’t understand that… I am thinking that they direct their information at international guests as a way to showcase Africa, but it is a stunning outing for locals too… lets face it, we only really know our corner of Africa and the one or two places we have visited. This is a fabulous experience for everyone… and lets just say the food is absolutely stunning!!! Look out for it next time you are in town!!!

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