Let’s Talk About Nine Months of Gym… It is a Journey…

Can you believe I have been working out a gym for nine months. It took nine months to lose fifteen kilograms and take nearly fifteen minutes off my Parkrun time, not to mention I have become a slightly new version of me. This is my year for getting things done, and I never expected that that would mean getting myself back to health. When I thought it would be a year of cleaning out closets and painting a few walls, rearranging bedrooms and creating some creative spaces. That might be happening, but the entire focus of this year has really been getting my sleep habits under control and getting to gym every morning.

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I was so excited when I was asked to blog my “getting back into shape” journey for Sport Science… it ticked all my boxes. My blogging goal for the year was to spread my wings and blog a little further afield than my own blog, but bigger than that I was desperate, after 20 years of mothering to get my body back into any sort of shape. I had tried daily walks, and I had tried this and that, but nothing stuck. I really needed help to get moving. After I got over the initial shock of how unfit I actually was and just how far off track I gotten health wise, it was literally a one step at a time kind of a thing. And this is where I have to say I am kind of glad I never set a weight goal. Because on paper, I have heaps of weight to lose and in practice a goal like that would have left me floundering.

It has been hard work, but I think it has been harder work for my gym instructor than for myself… you see I get to do all the fun stuff, while she just gets to stand there and tell our class what to do. I have to say I love gym… even the things I hated at first, I have just kept on trying and I am starting to get it. I have the best dietician who has never said you may or may not eat this or that. I am not on a diet at all… I eat what I eat. But, and this is important, not what I always ate. When I started gym I would reward myself after every workout… I needed the incentive to keep going. Now I have a Saturday treat and I am fine with that. I make much better food choices for myself and slowly but surely… and I am going to say SLOWLY… I am dropping some kilos. My reward now is going to gym… I can’t want to miss a day and the fact that I go in the morning before the kids wake up means that it isn’t affecting anyone else, apart from the fact that I can’t be the last person in bed at night… I have to sleep, so that I can get up timeously.

Workout Clothes that Actually Fit

When I blogged about my gym journey previously I mentioned just how hard it is to find gym gear for plus size moms… I wasn’t kidding, the struggle is real. Would you read that again… impossible. The people that really need to get into shape, struggle the most to find affordable and comfortable gym gear. I not going to pay close to a R1000 for a pair of leggings, especially leggings made for folk in the size 8-12 size range. I have been searching and searching all year and about three weeks ago I found a pair of leggings that fit properly. And I knew it, I was right all along. When your gym clothes fit you can conquer the world, suddenly I can run freely without worrying that my pants are falling down or if my t-shirt is covering all the gaps. It has changed how I run around the track, it has changed how I feel about running anywhere. If you are looking for gym clothes… just keep hunting they are out there… it will make a difference.


I won’t mention my, ahem, upper body. I nursed eight kids for years, and I really need firm control… Well I can’t find anything… I have searched and searched and short of spending thousands, which I am not about to do, especially since my body is changing shape from month to month. I cannot find anything that remotely fits me. But I know when I do… all those jumping exercises that I thought I couldn’t do when I started this journey will somehow be doable. Now when I hear burpee or star jump, my heart sinks… it isn’t because I can or can’t do the exercise, I am strong enough at last, but… lets just say my underwear isn’t!!! So that is my quest right now… I know I can get up every morning for gym, I know I can get through the workouts, I know I can run around the track… but I am not sure if I can find the right gear for the job!!!

Let’s Talk About Clothes

So back to my getting things done… one thing I had to do was organise my wardrobe… and being the ultimate minimalist, there is a real problem when you lose weight and you absolutely hate shopping for clothes. I needed an entire wardrobe even my socks were falling off. And my first shocking surprise… until now, my idea for clothes shopping was to head into a store, find the biggest size and hope it fitted. That’s all changed. I go in and try on actual sizes now… it is remarkably different. Luckily my entire wardrobe isn’t very many clothes, because I don’t like having stuff I don’t use… so this is it:


A pile of what I consider uniforms: gym clothes and clothes I wear for volunteering. Otherwise three bottoms: Jeans, khaki pants and black leggings. Three tops: Three t-shirts: one on, one off and one fancy… and for smarter works days I treated myself over the last few months, so three frocks, which I would absolutely never ever have worn at the start of this year, but now I love. And I forgot to put my sweaters in the photograph… but I have a thick woolly sweater and a thin long sleeved sweatshirt, as well as a all weather wind (not that waterproof!) jacket that I keep in my backpack for extreme weather events while hiking.

My shoe closet… a pair of sneakers and a pair of slops. I have also got a pair of Merrells that I use for hiking and for gym… I have literally worn them out, but new shoes for me for running and working out, will have to wait, three kids need running shoes before I get a turn for new shoes again.

So yes, I am that person that can fit their entire wardrobe into a backpack… and I am also the person that wouldn’t want to own more clothes than I need, ever.


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12 Replies to “Let’s Talk About Nine Months of Gym… It is a Journey…”

  1. I am so impressed and inspired by you!! I would love to get my butt back to gym, but littlest person won’t let Mama out his site for a second… so will need to come up with another idea.

  2. Well freaking done lady!!!

    I totally need to take a page out of your book and make exercise happen for me.Also, I love your small wardrobe.

  3. Love how you embraced this new thing in your life, and how you’re persisting despite inadequate clothing options.

    I feel like someone has the answers out there and we just need to find that person 🙂

  4. Hay Lizanne, I know its hard with little people… remember mine are by now much older than yours. I know when mine were younger I popped the littlest in a backpack and walked and walked… but clearly it wasn’t enough. Lack of sleep and just all the energy required for raising little people meant when we got outdoors to play, I was quite happy to just sit and watch them while they ran around. That’s changed… I make every effort to play with them now. It has changed for the better. Don’t be hard on yourself those early years are tough… just don’t leave it twenty years because my goodness it is quite a journey I am on right now because of that!!! All the best, hope you have a lovely weekend…

  5. Thank you Cassey, thanks a million. I am actual evidence that anybody can do this… anybody. I had all sorts of reasons why I had to be home for the kids and my hubs wouldn’t be able to get their day started without me and … insert any excuse whatsoever… Turns out the world and the morning routine were actually quite fine without me. Life goes on, without me and they are all actually better off for it… figuring how to get things done for themselves and I sure am better for the time off. It is a win/win. it really can be done!!! And I hope you have a brilliant weekend!!!

  6. Hay Marcia, I love how dive into a problem!!! This is definitely not the year I was expecting, but boy am I grateful for it. This has been huge for all of us… it has been a dramatic lifestyle change. I find myself telling complete strangers that they really need to sleep enough. Once you sleep enough you can think about working out. I am kind of relying on my tenacity to finding the right gear… it has been nine months of looking already… something has to be turn up!!! Hope you have the best weekend!!!

  7. Oh wow, didn’t realise this was all behind your parkrun story as we’ve been encouraging one another!!

    Such determination! and yes as you get fitter you have more energy to make healthier food choices, I get that!

    So relate to the feeling once you start to feel fitter, it’s empowering!! 🙂 Go girl!!

    What you say about clothes for plus sizes makes total sense! What are designers thinking, plus sizes would be such a great market to target with affordable clothes. Recently I finally purchased a better bra for myself, $100Aus, ouch, but anyhow brand was Panache, don’t know if you have them there, bought from local speciality shop.

    Not sure if you are on fb? but if so thought you’d be interested in this Australian plus mum who is on a journey go get fitter and goes to all the parkruns around her City (Brisbane)


    Cheering you on, want to hear how you go. Clicking back through reading your story 🙂

  8. Hay Erin, thank you so much for the long comment… had to dash off and read all your links!!! Thank you so much for the encouragement… and yes, what are workout apparel companies thinking…. there is a whole market waiting for them to come to the party!!! It’s so good to see your Park Run just before ours every Saturday… you go girl!!!

  9. Thanks Jo, Thanks for the tip!!! I am hoping that when all the business of the end of the year dies down that I am going to head out to the store without all my little helpers trailing behind and hunt until I find something!!! Thanks for stopping by…

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