Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #357

We are having a galactic internet fail over here, it is apparently going to improve, but in the meantime blogging is going to be slow… This is probably a good thing, as I head towards the end of the year, and my year of Getting Things Done, it appears that it was more about Getting things Started and a lot of projects that have begun are really very close to being complete, but not a whole lot are actually finished. If I was a list maker I would make a list… I am not so much a list maker and more of a “I have five minutes so I will tackle this project…” I think if I do make a list that I will definitely discover that we have done a whole lot more than I think we have done.


Meanwhile, ’tis the the season for tons of outings and end of year events… fun times. I know the recluse inside me often views end of year functions with trepidation, but really sometimes you need to stop and recognise a year well done and be grateful for things that our family has managed to get up to. Always looking forward with enthusiasm is one thing, sometimes you just need to stop and look back and be thankful…

Lovely Links from This Week

  1. 5 Reasons to Love Trees on Imagine Childhood… in case you need a reason!!!
  2. You Will very Much Like These Amazing Printable Gift Boxes on Meet Me at Mikes… because everybody needs a fine printable!!!
  3. And Handmade Charlotte… And her beautiful Crafty Fall Leaf Collection…
  4. Dozens of fun printables at Storytime Magazine… fabulous for our upcoming lazy days of summer.
  5. The Podcast we can’t stop listening to: Tumble Science Podcast for Kids… fifteen minutes max, and packed with amazing topics on all sorts of things scientific… we love it!!!
  6. Did You Know… that GreenPop has moved their Festival of Action to the Garden Route next year… Start Saving for GreenPop’s Eden Festival of Action… thank me later for this little tip!!!
  7. GiveAways that I am entering everyday right now: All the loveliness that is Sonlight for homeschool goodies. And for the great outdoors and all their gear… Getaway Magazine has a GiveAway everyday right now.
  8. And I am starting to think about Book Giving Day… and getting my head around organising another library with our followers.

A Blast From the Past:


Cool Collections:


I posted this cute little media drop on our instagram the other day and everybody wanted to know all the details… so I am sharing them here for you all. In South Africa we have a crazy culture of collectables… previously my kids have collected animal cards by the millions, and the next craze about to emerge are these cute eraser collections… yup, this looks like a collection of back to school supplies, but they are really tiny erasers… big perk, they are actually useful!!!These collectables will be available to buy at a number of stores (supermarkets for instance) and stationers for only R 6.99 each. The collection box is a pencil case, is valued R 39.99… if you can’t find them in a store near you, hold your breath for a second they will be in stores soon and you can check out their website here.

That’s us… hope you have the most fabulous week!!!


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