Se7en Escape from Another Escape Room…

As schools over here gear up for their summer break, we are going to be bringing you a bunch of cool things to do around the City of Cape Town… I have to say, that we don’t often make a trip out to Paarl, but when we were invited to visit Escapetrix, the local Escape Room my kids literally begged me to go. Not to mention it has been so windy all week… just not beach weather and we were feeling a need for a stretch… and an Escape Room is just exactly the kind of mental stretch that we needed.


After our visit to an Escape Room a while back my kids have become a little bit obsessed with the challenge. For those of you who don’t know how they work, an Escape Room is a real live virtual game. The players are told a story and then placed in a room and they have an hour to escape. There are a number of riddles to figure out and clues to resolve, everything in the room is significant… and you have to work as a team to escape… before the time runs out. Think life size Cluedo, only you are one of the players. Just like the movie National Treasure and you are part of it.

A clever team of players waiting to get going…

So it sounds a little creepy to get locked in a room, you aren’t technically locked in and you can step out anytime… my youngest at eight was a little nervous of the sound of it, and yet he could possibly have loved it the most and has not stopped talking about it for one second since we got home. Make sure you take your little ones on an age appropriate mystery and they will love it. In fact this is one activity that the whole family can really enjoy together, from eight to eighteen, my gang love it.


Esacpetrix has two rooms to choose from, the Psychologist and the Ancient Portal. We chose the Ancient Portal. Our story was about Dan Black and he has been taken back in time through a time vortex… All that was left behind was his hat. Your job is to help him find his way home…


If you like scrolling through ancient maps and exploring the pyramids and other ancient artefacts, then this is the Escape Room for you. Intriguing artificats, plenty of things to figure out and just the right difficulty to keep us going until the end.


Keys were hidden in secret spots all over the room… everywhere!!! Each one hidden behind a series of clues.


Hidden treasures were discovered… and you have to find them all…


We finished with just minutes to spare… and I have to say we needed them all and there was quite a dash to perform the final rescue…


Dan Black was safe and the fastest hour in history flashed by in seconds…


There is a lot to do in the Paarl winelands, and most of it out doors… if you find yourself needing an hour or two indoors then Escapetrix is a fantastic family fun activity to try. This is a great idea for birthday parties and a fantastic way to build team work… a really fun break from real life, a great escape.

Escape Room

Thank you so much to Escapetrix, who gifted us with a visit to their Escape Room. This is not a sponsored post, and opinions expressed are as usual entirely our own.

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