Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #364

Time for a Fabulous Fun Post… we have been busy busy busy… it is the season for glorious weather and plenty of hiking. We having been squeezing in lots of outings before our winter arrives, making the most of the endless summer days. And otherwise lots of maintenance and getting things done, and all the while getting lots of school goodies done!!!

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Upcoming Events That You Want to Know About

Photo courtesy of the Sport Science Institute

The Sport Science Institute of South Africa: have begun a series on Women’s Wellness Workshops. I attended the first one that focussed on finding balance and sleep… and I really don’t want to miss this one on running.

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Photo Courtesy of Greenpop.

This year GreenPop is going to be having a Festival of Eden on our Garden Route: People from all over the world will be gathering together to help regreen the region after the devastating fires of 2017. There will be tree planting, eco-education, mural painting and nature immersion… pop over to their website to learn more about the Eden Festival of Action.
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African Waters 360 at The Two Oceans Aquarium: There is an informational evening coming up, three speakers on water in the African context. Florian Wagner (photographer), Jean Tresfon (photographer) and Kholosa Magudu (WWF Project Manager) will be showcasing their work. Follow this link to find out more about the event on the Two Oceans Aquarium Website.

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Lovely Links

  1. I just discovered a literary feast: The Little Library Cafe, a blog devoted to recipes discovered in books.
  2. We recently visited the Cape Town Environmental Educational Trust and we were fascinated by
  3. If you don’t follow My Little Poppies on Instagram, then follow them quickly. Right now!!! Meanwhile, take a peak at My Little Poppies’ post on The Best Nature Journaling Books for Creativity and Inspiration. And here is the Gantouw Project website.
  4. The most epic Fairy Garden that I have ever, ever seen by Tonya Staab.
  5. If you, like us, enjoy studying about different cultures from around the world, then take a look at the collection of Ramadan Crafts for kids over at Nurture Store…
  6. I really need to buy a couple of math books, so I made the mistake of looking at the Sonlight website. Anyone who follows our blog knows we are ardent Sonlight fans… and our kids read their way through our Sonlight library for school. Anyway I clicked on What’s new at Sonlight, and I should never ever have done that!!! Because, oh my… have you seen the new science curriculums and the Hands on History…
  7. If you and your teens aren’t following The Rebelution, then you should: Here’s a great post: 5 Questions to Ask Before you Pick up a Book.
  8. In case you are looking for free audible books over the (Northern Hemisphere) summer… Modern Mrs Darcy can introduce you to Audiofile Magazine… I listened to a great collection of books last summer and right now I am listening to A Study in Charlotte and enjoying it.

A Blast From the Past:


Book of the Week

Under Earth Under Water by Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński: Who brought us our favourite book ever, Maps… this book is a visual delight of everything you could ever imagine looking for underground and underwater…packed with the most fabulous illustrations and intriguing facts… just totally totally love this new arrival on our coffee table.

That’s us… hope you have the most fabulous week!!!


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