Se7en’s Winter Break Fun in the Great Outdoors…

The season has definitely changed and the mornings are dark… very dark!!! But even the greys days are glorious in Cape Town over the Winter months. Last year we spent the Winter break in the City of Cape Town and we had an absolute blast. There is a lot to do in the city over the winter months and there are a lot of specials on ticket prices, especially for kids.

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This winter we fully intend to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors and I thought I would share a couple of winter holiday events that we have noticed advertised lately…

Changing Lives through Nature

Earlier this year, we celebrated World Wetlands Day with Changing Lives Through Nature and we had an absolute blast, follow the link to read about the fun we had. They are having another Nature Club day on 14 June, especially for Homeschoolers… and I know it is going to be absolutely fantastic.

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Save Our Seas Shark Education Centre

If you love following along our Beach Clean Ups at Surfer’s Corner and all the amazing sea life on our instagram feed… then this is the outing for your kids. They will learn about life in the False Bay rocky shores and be astonished by the most amazing sea-life along our coast… a visit to the Shark Centre is a fantastic outing.


Treehouse Family includes Cape Town Rangers and Hoerikwagga Kids Club

For the first time there is going to be a holiday club, with hikes in Silvermine and visits to Cape Point and Boulders Beach… fun ways to get your kids outdoors and immersed in nature.


GreenPop’s Eden Festival of Action

And if you are looking for a week long, complete immersion and totally family friendly event… learning about green living, planting trees and being the change. We blogged about this event recently, if you are even slightly interested, then take a look a peak at it.

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3 Replies to “Se7en’s Winter Break Fun in the Great Outdoors…”

  1. These all sound awesome thanks! It is so good to get ourselves out and in nature in the holidays!

  2. This is amazing! This is exactly what kids needs. It’s not just fun but a lot of learning about nature too.

  3. Hay Jake, so glad you enjoy our great outdoor posts. And I do not post guest posts on our blog, we are really just a family blog. Hope you have a great weekend…

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