A mid-winter weekend and a wild and stormy one at that, and highly appropriate that we should blog about the Ice Slides and Cape Gate Shopping Center. We might have wild and stormy rain pounding down but the Cape Gate Ice Slides are as close as Cape Town is going to get to a snowy and icy winter.

Ice Slides At Cape Gate

There is a whole wintry world going on there… but all my kids want to do is run and slide and a full hour of up the ramp and flying down and up the ramp and flying down… Perfect way to get kids moving in a very happy way!!!




All the slides are surrounded by plenty of helping hands and your kids can only go down safely, once they have carried their “lilo-tobaggan” back up the ramp, which naturally creates a gap between every body getting a fair turn. There may be a moment of waiting for a toboggan to be available… but that is actually just a chance to catch your breath before it is time to fly again.


Let’s Talk About the Slides

There are three slides available: A very little slide (1.5) for very little people to enjoy; a medium size slide… it is straight (24 m) and it is fast; and then a longer (28m) slide with twists and turns, which is the fastest and most fun for bigger kids.






Creature Comforts

There is a coffee bar for spectators…
Whitagram-Image (30)

And an icy snow pit for little ones…
Whitagram-Image (29)

Not to mention icy wild life to investigate…



Whitagram-Image (14)

All the Details

Thank you so much to Cape Gate for their Fantastic Winter Holiday Programs, my kids always love them. This isn’t the first time they have had Ice Slides, we have been before a couple of years back when the gang were smaller… this is an absolute winner of an outing for kids that are cooped up inside and have loads of energy to burn.
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  • Date: 14 June – 7 July 2019
  • Time: 9am – 6pm
  • Venue: Centre Court, Capegate Shopping Centre
  • Cost: Full rider – R80 | Mini rider: R50 | Non-rider – R30

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se7en - 270615 - 0701.jpg se7en - 270615 - 0667.jpg se7en - 270615 - 0676.jpg se7en - 270615 - 0597.jpg se7en - 270615 - 0621.jpg

Thank you so much Cape Gate for hosting us for the morning. This blog post is not sponsored, and opinions expressed are as usual entirely our own.

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