A while ago I blogged about our foraging visit to Veld and Sea, and the lovely lovely Airbnb Surf Shack… Well, last month, our kids gifted the father person and I for a weekend away… in the middle of the week. It was fantastic… What can I say, parenting tip of the century, don’t wait twenty two years to take a little time off parenting!!!


The Surf Shack is a tiny airbnb hideaway, in the heart of a fynbos nursery… you are surrounded by a foraging garden and a fynbos for miles, near the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula.


You are guaranteed the most glorious sunsets…

Welcome to The Surf Shack

The most perfect, green living, cosy little spot on earth… I love all the little tweaks and details, using things they have found and discovered and creative flare. Wherever you look, there are little surprises… magic that will appeal to the eye… they have managed to create a corner of curiosity, where you can rest and recover from the world at large.


The Surf Shack is a caravan that has been converted into a little house… with a kitchen and fireplace (inside and out), and also a solar powered bathroom. Even the toilet is green, they have a compost/sawdust loo.

And we loved the recycling bin… so much so, that we are inspired to neaten up our recycling corner at home.

And plants everywhere, if I could get an air plant to grow in my shower… sigh.

The first thing we did when we got there was to collapse and sleep… as one does after many years of parenting. Apart from that we spent a lot of time around the coffee table, as one does on holiday…

Because everyone knows that the best holidays are for eating and sleeping…

A Foraging Farm and Fynbos Wandering

The thing about the Surf Shack is that it is situated in the heart of the Veld and Sea Workshop foraging garden and we took a wander about the farmyard and made sure that we stopped and said hello to ALL the wildlife…

Not to mention gathered up our ingredients for our holiday feasting… fresh salad straight from the garden, it doesn’t get lovelier than that.

Fields of Fynbos

Just a few footsteps from the Surf Shack you can find yourself in fields and fields of fynbos… as far as the eye can see. And as soon as we had had a day of recovery we were ready to go exploring…

It was fantastic to be out in the gentle wilds again… easy ambling and a holiday picnic that didn’t require hours of preparation… because I wasn’t catering for ten…


After twenty-four hours of rest and recovery we were ready to head out for a bit of exploring and just a ten minute drive from the Surf Shack is Scarborough.

Perfect for grabbing a gelato, and a walk on the wild beach…

And we will definitely be back with our pup… it looks like the perfect spot for a morning run.

Cape Point

We were lucky enough that our booking was during the annual “Free Week” at Cape Point, and while I have hiked Cape Point flat with our kids… it was great to go out with just the Father person and we spent the day trail running together.

Who would have thought, turned out the perfect day to spend together.

Photos From Our Weekend Away

Veld and Sea, Surf Shack

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