Firstly, I know blogging is slow over here… I have eight kids folks!!! And just saying: If you think you are busy when your kids are small, and people in the supermarket stop you to say: “Your hands must be full…” That’s true… but I am so much busier now, looking after a gang of big kids, than I ever was with a collection of smalls. The point is, little children do occasionally sleep… and well big kids just don’t… Needless to say a number of birthdays have gone sliding by the way and I need to catch up on them.

Hood 1 Birthday

Happy Brilliant Birthday to Hood 1

You know you have been blogging way too long, when your big kids are all grown up and they have just one candle… lest the house catch on fire. We have navigated one or two children out of their teens… its a good place to be parenting-wise.

Hood 1 Trumpet

Still the same old soul, trumpeting and lego-ing… story-telling…

Hood 1 Engagement

And the news of the year really… a wedding in the family!!! This is something totally new, and something that are so very excited about. I cannot wait. I am absolutely thrilled, it is going to be the event of 2020 for us…

Previous Birthdays in the Life of Hood 1

Meanwhile, can I say, just to give all parents everywhere hope… there comes a time when your children will fix windows… instead of, well the alternative. Sending strength to moms of little ones… they will grow up, you will survive… keep at it, just one day at a time!!!

Hood 1 Repairs

4 Replies to “A Birthday Post… for Hood 1”

  1. Amazing how grown he is and how they seem to grow in a blink! And now he is engaged ! I wish they would slow down. Congratulation on a fantastic job well done mama and wishing you a belated happy birthday

  2. Dear MrsFF, just yesterday he was tiny… it flies past, really. Lovely that he is engaged and good to launch, he has done great and really makes this mother’s heart glow… Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes. Have a lovely week!!!

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