And just like that everything has changed, now we need to find our new normal… going on adventures, all the school, exercising the pup, and reading books… It’s the same really, but completely different… We have really been working on a new adventure each week this year, and last week’s adventure, before the shut down, was one well worth sharing…


A Full Moon Hike at Intaka Island

Intaka Island is definitely one of Cape town’s very best kept secrets and I am still astonished to find locals that haven’t visited there yet… This is a nature reserve in the heart of the city, surrounded by a shopping mall… and yet quite easy to find yourself escaping from the madding crowd and immersed in nature for a couple of hours. You can take a look at the Intaka Island Website over here.


First things first, a picnic supper around a camp fire, in the Lapa…
se7en-03-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (1)

And then we waited for the sun to go down…
se7en-03-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (2)

A quick chat about the reserve and their amazing conservation practices… All before the moon came up…

And then we were off…

Walking through the wetlands…
se7en-03-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (12)

And learning…

Way down there is water… this is a wetland… even though at this time of year, the end of summertime, we are walking about on dry land.

All the while, watching the moon…

We bumped into some wildlife…

But our absolute favourite were the “sleeping” chameleons… We could have stayed watching these little creatures for hours.

This was a really easy walk, called a hike for the adventurous spirit, but really a comfortable guided walk. Autumn is the perfect time of year for it, because it is warm enough to be enjoyable but it is also quite dark at a reasonable hour.

Thank you Cape Union Mart and Intaka Island for the invitation, and a lovely evening out. If you would like to know more about Cape Union Mart Events, then head to their Facebook Page, or keep a look out on Quicket for upcoming events.

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se7en - 070416 - 2679.jpg

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  1. It was lovely Ursula, and something you can look out for, when everything opens up again… Have a lovely weekend… your post is coming, it has just been so crazy!!!

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