For the last few years we have been posting our Natural Factual Advent Calendar on instagram, show casing goodies we had discovered over that past year on our outdoor adventures. This year has been different, we certainly haven’t collected a lot of treasures and our adventuring has been a lot closer to home… in general. So it is time to up my game, time for a little change and time to slow down, during this extremely busy season and spend just a moment everyday enjoying and appreciating our natural environment.

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But Christmas traditions are Christmas traditions… and we wanted to create some sort of an Advent Adventure for our family, so I have popped 24 ideas into a jar and we will be pulling an idea out of the jar every day… as we head towards Christmas Day. As well as a few extra Christmas goodies that we have to do… cookie baking, Carol Singing and gift-making.


1. Se7en Easy Summer Adventures from Home

  • A Wildlife Walk, you don’t have to visit a game park, we have a ton of wildlife right in our neighborhood… we just have to look for it.
  • A Photo Walk in the neighbourhood, or create a photo scavenger hunt.
  • Spice up the Bird Bath and Feeder for Birdwatching.
  • Dinner and a Movie out under the stars.
  • se7en-04-Dec-17-tempImageForSave-1.jpg

    2. Natural Factual Crafts

  • Create a spot in the garden for creating.
  • Press flowers for creating gifts and decorations late on in the month.
  • Create a wreathe from goodies found in the garden.
  • Create a sea-shell strings to hang on the tree.
  • Whitagram-Image (35)

    3. Gift Wrapping Goodies

  • Painted leaves for gift tags
  • Nature Print Gift wrap
  • Paint cardboard containers for potting small plants
  • Gather all the jars for decorating, they make fantastic gift packages.
  • DSC_0012

    4. Create Natural Factual Gifts

  • Create a Windowsill Garden and plants seeds, they will turn into plants for gifting later.
  • Create mobiles from our nature collection…
  • Writing paper kits, using pressed flowers and printing.
  • Tie Dye T-shirts and Giant Chalks to encourage Playing Outside.
  • tempImageForSave 5-5

    5. Outdoor Feasts

  • A Watermelon feast… of course…
  • Smore’s of course
  • Make Stokbrood (stick bread) over the fire
  • Create ice-pops or ice cream in a ziplock.
  • se7en-04-Feb-17-IMG_1269-5.jpg

    6. Summer Outings that Must be Done

  • A sunset/supper hike…
  • A beach clean up…
  • An ice-cream tour… find your local ice-cream spots and visit them!!!
  • Swim in the Wild…
  • So six groups of four ideas leads you up to twenty four days towards Christmas. Meanwhile this is the most crazy season for all the mother people… and so you need to take special care of yourself… I mean it… in all the craziness there is often just no time left for the mom in the house. From creating special meals, coping with all the extra work of everyone else’s activities, moms can really get lost in the mix… so here is a list of ideas for finding some easy Me time for Moms… in this busy season.

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