It’s been so long since we did a famous artist study on the blog that I thought it would be a fun intro… firstly for my kids, who are getting to the end of their summer break and secondly for new followers that haven’t seen one of our Famous Artist Studies before. This is how we use our monthly calendar… I take a look at the month ahead and plan to celebrate a little bit, wherever we can… and it just so happened that today was Renoir’s birthday!!!


First things first, Renoir was a famous French Artist, so I always try and match a little feast to the artisit… because food seems to make everything more memorable… Croissants from our local bakery were the breakfast of the day. Also I have found my children much more open to gleaning facts when they have a little something in their tummies. We have celebrated Bastille Day for school before and my kids learn French for school… so they are very open to all things France!!!


Finding Facts About Renoir

We have a few art books on our school reference shelf, and I can’t imagine a general art book not having a couple of pictures of Renoir, so that’s where we began. Also, I know there are great art story collections for children in our library, that I would normally rely on… but our library is not up and functioning yet… so we had to manage without.

Here are some Amazon Affiliate Links to books that we either own or have used from the library, for school…

And we went on an internet search as well…


  • Kiddle for Kids has great quick facts on Renoir.
  • Cool facts for Kids has his biography.
  • Welcome to Mommyhood had the most beautiful printable 3 Part Cards, we loved them.
  • LibertyHill House also had a great biography and links away to other sites as well.
  • And Kahn Academy has a Great Artist Lessons, we went straight to Impressionism and watched the short videos of some of Renoir’s famous paintings, where they talk about each painting.
  • se7en-25-Feb-21-IMG_8220_result

    Several Projects Followed… Using what we had learnt about Impressionism and Renoir.

    A Visit to the Beach – And Vibrant Colours



    A Sketchy Self-Portrait – in a mirror


    A Daily Scene – An Plein Air




    A Still Life – Under Dappled Light



    Lots was learned and fun was had… we all know what makes a Renoir a Renoir and we are eager to learn about more great artisits, hopefully there will be a few in March. Our March Printable Calendar will be out next week…full of new birthdays and events to celebrate.

    Previous Great Artists That We Have Studied…

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