I have been a Balega impi for the past few years, which means that I wear only the Best Balega Socks!!! I have raved on and on about the #BestBalegaSocks over on instagram… where I post pictures of our life and times. But, despite my raving on and on, it has come to my attention that there are friends of mine that don’t know which socks to buy for which event, and there are so many to choose from. I thought it was high time to write a post explaining which socks were the best of the best and which ones were even better.

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I am going to add a proviso to this post, I am not a super-athlete, I am your everyday… very back of the pack athlete. My opinion about the best socks is based entirely on the fact that I am on my feet for much longer than the winners at any event, I am on the trails long after everyone else has gone home… I am truly a back of the pack athlete and for that reason I believe in comfort. I never going to choose any item of gear because someone on the podium wore it… I am a completer rather than a competitor, and comfort is key.

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How to Choose a Pair of Balega Socks

Firstly you need to know what you want your socks for… because different socks serve a very different purpose. An activity that requires time on your feet is an activity that deserves the right socks. Some events require tough and rugged socks, other require smooth and sleek racers. Whatever your event requires, your feet deserve cushioning and comfort and definitely no blisters ever. And why I choose Balegas, it’s quite simple, I never ever think about my socks other than how great they look… and that’s saying a lot from a plus size athlete, where every other item of gear requires overcoming, stealth and often discomfort… I’ll say that again: I never ever have to worry about my socks and foot comfort… ever.

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Let me explain, choosing the perfect pair of socks for a particular event is actually much trickier than it looks. You need to know which socks have which features and why they are great. There is a Balega website, where you can check out all the details… but I thought it might be helpful to hear from someone who wears all the Balega socks… and only Balega socks.

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Se7en of the Very BEST Balega Socks

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Blister Resist Running Socks

These socks have seen hundreds of really intense kilometers, and they are still going strong. These are my absolute favourite hiking socks and kept my feet snug and comfortable on some extremely long hikes over the last year. They have ribbing where you need a little extra stretch and support, cushioning in all the places that need a little extra comfort. The mohair means that they are extremely quick drying and therefore forgiving on your feet whatever the weather and whatever the puddle situation. I use the “no shows,” which are the low cut ones on quick trips up the mountain, but for an all day hike… you cannot beat the Blister Resist Quarters, which give you all advantages of blister resists, and they protect and support your ankles just a little bit more.

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Enduro Running Socks

These are best for those long long runs, they aren’t called Enduros for nothing. Also pretty good at puddle jumping and they glow in the dark. Pretty much right up there in the ultimate ultra running sock ever!!!

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Silver Protect Running Socks

Firstly, I love the colours. These are my “I have no idea what the day will look like”… it could include road and trail, puddles or sand… these socks are rugged and can take anything on, they are also smooth and so great when you discover a stretch of actual road on top of a mountain top… yes it can happen. These were the socks that I used through out the tough and rugged 13 Peaks Challenge last year.

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Ultraglide Running Socks

I love these for road running, they are extremely light but with just the right cushioning in strategic places… under your heel, the ball of your foot and so on. Those pretty and colourful patches actually serve a useful purpose… these are my go to road socks.

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Ultralight Running Socks

It’s been more than a minute since I did an actual road race, what with living through a pandemic and all, but we are getting there, races are opening up and becoming a real thing… and look no further than the ultra-lights. Just knowing you are wearing these adds a spring to your step and a flash of speed to your run.

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Grit and Grace

These socks come with a special message of encouragement… and when it comes to gym work I need all the encouragement I can get!!!I love these socks for gym and for days when my feet hit the mat. This socks are snug and comfy, and perfect for hard gym workouts, when a little written encouragement is required.

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Hidden Comfort

These are my favourites for rest and recovery days… after any event, these are the socks I put on as a reward. They are balm to my find and the most perfect cosy and comfort sock ever.
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There you go, se7en of the BEST Balega Socks… and hopefully that helps you to choose the correct socks for your training and future events.

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