Brilliant Banana Bread to Die For in Se7en Steps!

A friend once made this for us as a post baby present. I was sure that no-one would eat it, not everyone is mad about bananas! I called it cake and down it went and I have made it at least once a week ever since. Needless to say, like most recipes that enter our house, the recipe has evolved into our own… I don’t have time to do separate and smooth and whatever – I have a lot of short chefs helping… well participating! This is a fabulous recipe for small kids to help with.

Luckily this is a very forgiving recipe and the measurements are all kind of well guesstimates! Needless to say we plonk everything in the bowl, mix it up a bit and bake it – preparation time is minimal and by the time we have done our school reading it is done and we are ready for tea… perfect! So here we go:

Meet the Team: se7en players:

1/2 a cup of butter
1 cup sticky brown sugar
2 eggs
2 worn out (but not completely gone) bananas
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup milk

Play the Game:

Step 1:

Place the butter and sugar in the mixer and mix them together… not madly creaming till fluffy and light, just a couple of zaps until its sort of mixed.

Step 2:
At this stage place the eggs and bananas in the mixer, just like that, (not beautifully smooth and beaten)… and zap the mixer two or three times. Our mixer is perfect for this, very forgiving!!! You want it chunky – trust me!

Step 3:

Add the flour and baking powder and mix it in, quickly again – the secret is do not over mix…

Step 4:
Add the milk and dare I say, mix quickly… you should end up with a loose batter and nice chunks of banana in it…

Step 5:
Check out the bits of banana in the mixture, this makes it chewy and good. Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes at 200 degrees Celcius.

Step 6:
If the knife comes out clean you are done… wait about five minutes, then turn it out to cool…

Step 7:
Now just eat it… if it lasts longer than a moment, it is really nice a day later: toasted with some grated cheese sprinkled on it. Then again, it probably won’t last!

Enjoy it!

4 Replies to “Brilliant Banana Bread to Die For in Se7en Steps!”

  1. Greeting’s
    I dont know you or your family. How ever I was surfing the net for recipe’s and ran across your’s. I’m going to try your Banana bread recipe today. I will let you know how it turned out. Thanks for sharing,you sound like you have a lovely family.

  2. YUM. We made this today. We added chocolate chips and pecans, because … well, you know. Because we had them!

    I am so glad I saw this today. I had little energy, some overripe bananas, and I thought…HEY! You barely even have to MIX this recipe!

    It was delicious.

    Thank you.

    (And you’re entirely correct…I will never again overmix banana bread. The gold is in the chunks!)

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