Clearly Christmas: Se7en Gift Tags Kids Can Make…

Basically you can make gift tags and especially Christmas Gift tags from almost any of your kids artwork…

Here are some tips to get you on track…

  • If the artwork was done on flimsy paper then back it on card.
  • If it is worth preserving then cover both sides with contact plastic and trim it to fit.
  • If you can thread a piece of string through an artwork, yes I do admit you may need to punch a hole in it first, thread it with some twine and you are done.

It really is as easy as all that.

So here are se7en ideas for artwork that work well as gift tags.

  • Any Kind of Prints: 
    • Hand Prints: Can’t beat these for relatives… 



    • Leaf Prints:


    • Potato Prints:


  • Stickers: Kid made stickers are great fun and really make a package look pretty.


  • Dingley Dangley Goodies: made with threaded beads on a pipe cleaners or string, then you really have a winner!


    And a couple of Christmas trees.


  • Artwork: I just pop some card and some markers on the table while I am getting supper. I just have to say: I need some gift tags and then I have more than I will ever need!


  • Glitter Trees: Anything glued or painted on a Christmas tree shape is a valid. Actually, any symbol of Christmas will do – a stocking, a gingerbread man and so on.


  • pipe cleaner people: One year we made little angels for our gifts. Just a normal pipe cleaner person and you twist wings onto it.
  • DSC05408.JPGDSC05407.JPG

  • Treasure Hunt: This is my personal favorite. Perfected by Hood #1 for his little brother. It begins with a little scroll, which is actually a treasure map… which turns out to be of our lounge and zooms in on X… only to discover a little treasure chest, with a little box, and in the little box are some carefully chosen and typical treasures from a big brother to a small one!


That’s it – my se7en suggestions. For other gift wrapping and Christmas ideas take a look at our Se7en do Christmas Page. We have been building on this page for the past month or so and by now it is packed with ideas!

I have to mention that there are so many free printable gift tags on the web and here is a comprehensive list from: Bella Dia. Some of these are so lovely that you will print them just to have them!

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