The Week That Was – 30

Well we have been sorting and tidying and donating and we never got near the library. But we had time to read some books and old favorites sprang to the surface.


Finally the wind has stopped and we are having a glorious summer without having to tie everything including our hair down:


We had one drizzly day – and we settled down with a pot of tea and read our book of the week:


If you didn’t grow up reading Enid Blyton, then shame! Get yourself these books and read them to your kids they are lovely fairy tales with “real children” that most kids believe they can be. This is one author who has the very clever knack of writing books for children about children, devoid of adults – the children are always off for the day with a picnic and in this series all sorts of fantastical people live up the tree. They have countless adventures with these “folk.” Brilliant, wild adventures. All my kids listen to these, they are far tooo interesting to ignore.

Lots of people avoid Enid Blyton’s prolific writing, they say it is weak but actually she gave kids hundreds of books to read on a level that is comfortable for them, at a time in their lives when they need to read prolifically to learn this new skill. Her Famous Five Series and Adventure Series are enough to get any kid well onto the road to reading and they will learn some discernment too as they will expect books they read to engage them. My reading kids read bazillions of her books and got into the habit of reading a book a day from them, the habit continues they still read a book a day – though the length and level of the book has changed dramatically.

We finally got round to making mad alien summer t-shirts and the aliens came to town:



We did some beading…


We have been having a bit of a popcorn frenzy round here:


And we had a prolific plum situation and so we made some plum cobbler – Oh yum!


As for the drawer a day project we are moving on: 41 done, 27 to go… This is the sort of thing I am dealing with: you have heard of corner cupboards, well we have corner drawers. They can’t be opened because their handles block the opposite one from opening. So what do I keep in them: serving spoons in the one and cutlery in the other – you know the things you need at least three times a day every day. Not the brightest decision, after eight years of not being able to get into the cutlery drawers something had to change!!!


Hood #1: Well his week was all about photography and epics to go with them… here is evidence for the landed aliens (actually those alien space ships are from our lantern extravaganza!).


Hood #2: I think he just read and read, actually he did a whole lot of stuff that I wrote about in the post Se7en are not in school.


Hood #3: Would love to start school and cannot keep her hands off the school books…


Hood #4: Whipped together a cardboard city and got in some trumpet practice.


Hood #5: Got very involved in the menu this week – there was no holding back and I am hoping I will be out of a culinary job soon.


Hood #6: Did a whole heap of swimming lessons thanks to Hood #3.


And managed to do a whole lot of chelichopter flying as well.


Hood #7: Featured on Ohdeedoh this week! And she became the resident towel thief.


And did I mention: We read some books!


That’s It – Have a Great Weekend.

2 Replies to “The Week That Was – 30”

  1. Your kiddies are so cute in their Tshirts, not sure if someone was making them laugh, but EACH of them have this look of pure delight and happiness on their faces. I love the tshirts, i’m now thinking of a picture we can do for Keira!

    Once again LOVED reading through your week! Until next week…

  2. They delight in making each other laugh when I take individual photos. They start off very straight faced but I know eventually they will crack under the enormous sibling pressure – coming from behind me! You have a good week too!

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