Chili Poppers in Se7en Steps…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post: Se7en Recipes and Tips For Bulk (Frugal) Vegetable Shopping… and ended with a desperate plea for help with our chili abundance!!! Well I got a lot of good ideas: chili oil, chili salt, chili’s for Africa… But we discovered Chili Poppers and they taste irresistibly good, I haven’t yet mastered aesthetically pleasing. But this is what you are aiming for.


Let’s Meet The Players: As usual the ingredients are not exact, the amount of cheeses required depends on the size of your chilis.


  • A couple of large chilis
  • Smooth cream cheese
  • Strong cheddar cheese
  • Paprika
  • Finely chopped garlic
  • Fine dry bread crumbs
  • 1 egg

Let’s Play The Game:

Step 1: Firstly you need to deal with each chili. De-core them and remove all the pips. It’s the pips that burn! Slice the stalk end off the chili. Put a sharp knife down the side of the chili and cut around the inside. The core will fall out and then gently tap the chili so that all the remaining seeds fall out.


Step 2: Finely grate the cheddar cheese in a bowl. Add the cream cheese, the crushed garlic and the paprika.


Step 3: Stuff each chili with the cheese mixture. This takes a bit of time!


Step 4: Beat your egg in a flat bowl. And dip your chili in the egg.


Step 5: Then roll your chili in the breadcrumbs.


Step 6: Repeat the egg and the bread crumb dunking again. And place each of the chilis onto the baking sheet.


Step 7: Pop the poppers into a medium to hot oven and bake them until they are crispy and starting to brown. All that yummy cheese melts – hmmmm.


I was so surprised – they are totally more-ish. Not the usual burning chili anguish! But rather a cheesy pepper flavor with a bit of bite. I am not a chili person naturally but quite frankly I am quite glad that not everyone wanted to try these!!!


That’s it! Try these, they are very good!

14 Replies to “Chili Poppers in Se7en Steps…”

  1. When you are cleaning the chillies – up until about 5 hand washes later, whatever you do DO NOT touch your eyes or ears. 🙂 Yes, I speak from experience.

  2. Yup, these are really good! I have seen them wrapped in bacon as well but I think if I do that my family might devour them before I get to them! You have a good week!

  3. Hi I, I should have put a health and safety warning on this one, and definitely wash your hands after de-pipping your chilies – thoroughly! I managed not to even touch the pips by using the knife – so I had no problem touching my ears afterwards!!!! Hope your week finishes up well!!!

  4. Hello. Hello. Hello. Oh I am so glad you kept trying!!! The father person did a whole lot of updates last weekend and suddenly a bunch of folk who were getting “fatal errors” whenever they tried to comment have suddenly made it through! I am just pleased as can be!!!

  5. Hay S, Yup these are so good! I think it is the melty shmelty cheddar cheese that make these very more-ish. Luckily there are a couple of little hoods that won’t eat anything with the word chili in them – So I got the extras!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

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