A Mother’s Almanac: Se7en Of The Best Printable Places For Kids…

It’s been a while since I posted an “Mother’s Almanac Post” and the time has come for a paper post. I love paper crafts and so do my kids and I especially love that I can mostly leave them to themselves to get on with it. It really is quite amazing what they come up with. A couple of markers, scissors, a glue stick and a pile of papers and we are off.


Sometimes we need a bit of inspiration to get those creative juices going and this is where our friend the internet comes into play… Here are se7en of the best sites we use, with great printables for kids – tiny kids to older kids. When I see a good printable I print it out and pop it into a box file. At the end of the day when my kids are fidgeting while I make supper or on a long rainy afternoon when I have run out air for stories my kids flip through the file and choose something that inspires them…


  1. The ToyMaker.com: This site is fabulous with almost anything you could ever dream of, and lots you have never thought of, paper projects. You will be amazed at the variety and fun and just the brilliant artwork on this site. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.
  2. DSC05043.JPG

  3. Activity Village Free Printables: Their free printable pages will have you browsing and printing for hours and hours – you have been warned! Anything and everything, even scrapbook paper, which in itself seems to be springboard to heaps of projects.
  4. DSC01527

  5. PaperToys.com: Now this is not the most glamorous website you have ever seen – but scroll over the list of paper models and be inspired!!! there is really something here for everyone – I love it for the landmarks round the world and one of my kids went through an obsessive model airplane phase – there really is something here for everyone: animals, vehicles, famous buildings. This is a great site!
  6. DSC08717

  7. Hp’s Toys, Stickers and Puzzles: This is one of the first printable sites I ever discovered and I have been a loyal fan ever since. I often pop in here to discover new projects – I love their projects that you can make using photographs (printable frames and notebooks and so on. Click on the View All Toys link and feast your eyes on all their printable toys. Otherwise, scroll through their Activity Center on the left hand side you won’t be disappointed!
  8. DSC04013

  9. Canon’s Creative Park: This is the spot for printable games, landmarks, beasts, pop-ups and more. It is colorful and fun, check it out!
  10. DSC03890.JPG

  11. Family Fun Printables: You just can’t beat Family Fun for kids fun… They have puzzles and games and stickers and the list is endless! You can find their cute Three-Dimensional models here.
  12. DSC02522

  13. Wondertime Printables: This is the junior version of Family fun printables and my little guys love it. They have made sandwiches and picnics, pet play and farmyards. Lots of easy snipping for little hands.

There you go – that should inspire you! If you click on the photographs scattered throughout the post you will link straight to the relevant paper project on our site, Se7en.

Here are the links again in order of appearance:

That’s it! Have Fun…

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  1. Hi C, I love it when readers send us great links, thanks so much for making the effort. I am so glad you like our Almanac’s I know I should post them more but they aren’t in my routine – so they have to scream “post me” before I do anything!!! You have a good weekend and thanks again for the links!

  2. Hi A, I am thinking about finger puppets for you, what about searching Family Fun for finger puppets? Have a good weekend!!!

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