This Week (5 October) At Se7en…

So this is October, how did that happen!!! Another week with a whole lot of new days to celebrate. And a new month is almost upon us, here are the calendars for October:

We are still totally celebrating Hood #8…


So here are a couple of links for this week, but not a whole lot!!!

That’s us… If you are celebrating something fun, that would be of interest to home-schoolers around the world, then feel free to leave a comment!!!

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  1. Just reading your note about postcards … when I was growing up, we had a tradition in our house that every time our family went on holiday, my siblings and I would each write a postcard and send it to our grandmother (we only had one grandparent sadly). The postcards sometimes arrived after we had returned home! I have started this tradition with my own two girls and the postcards are always well received! I believe in fostering the art of letter/postcard writing! Well done to you!

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