Saturday Spot: A Celebratory Dinner and a Snippet on Knysna…

So Saturday was our anniversary, se7enteen years – I kid you not. Feels like yesterday and I don’t feel a day over se7enteen so how on earth this happened, I just don’t know. Anyhow we celebrated with a feast.


Thanks babe – for se7enteen great years, and a couple of kids and heaps of good memories…

Here’s a list from in the beginning:

  1. I brought Dr Suess and he brought Theology. Together we have a library.
  2. I brought a bike and he brought a car. Together we have an old rusty Kombi.
  3. I brought crayola and he brought computers. Together we have a bunch of artists.
  4. I brought a gym regime and he brought relaxation. Together we have Saturday ambles and Sunday naps.
  5. I brought chocolate and he brought steak. Together we have some great feasts.
  6. I brought a bench and he brought a bookshelf. Together we have a home.
  7. I brought myself and he brought himself. And together we have a great team. All ten of us, not forgetting the one under the table.
  8. DSC_0117

So I have blogged about our wedding before and I have blogged about our reception… So I thought I would show you a couple of things about our honeymoon… Just excuse the ancient photographs, they are taken from our ancient album.


  1. I took nothing, seriously I forgot to pack A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G, all my attention was focused getting to the wedding on time… and I didn’t manage that either… the beginning of the end, what can I say!!!
  2. DSC_0145DSC_0144

  3. We went to Knysna, a stunningly beautiful town along the Garden Route, with about a million things to do. We went for drives through the forests, we went for walks on the beach, we ate out in restaurants and we window shopped, we ambled through markets. Really Knysna is a bit of paradise on earth and we left earlier than we intended because we wanted to dash back and get settled in our new home!!! Now I know that was madness but then I thought we would be back from time to time!!!


  4. We visited Goukamma Nature Reserve for the day and it cost us both R4.00 (50 US cents)!!! Beautiful flowing river, perfect place for kids!!!.
  5. DSC_0142 DSC_0138

  6. We stayed in a fabulous spot, Under Milkwood, a handful of log cabins overlooking the Knysna lagoon. Stunning views and a private beach. No one else was there, it was off-season. From the little beach you could walk across the lagoon at low tide and explore things.
  7. DSC_0154 DSC_0153

  8. And it was luxurious, apart from crispy white linen and fresh scrunchy towels, there was a heated towel rail and we thought we had quite arrived!!! The cooking equipment was divine – le creuset pots throughout. I spent a lot of time cooking just because of them. A lot of time!!! My poor husband had a bit of an awakening to my mass catering skills, who knew I would be cooking thirty meals a day, everyday!!!
  9. DSC_0143

  10. I have often thought of going back, but just discovered our entire weeks stay cost less than one night would today!!! Also, much as we would like a tumble of kids on a mattress on the floor I don’t think they would go for that, in their four person cabins, well maybe not so well!!! A blogger at heart I kept the receipts, knowing we would look back and laugh, only I had no idea how loud we would laugh. What I can say is we had a totally brilliant stay there and if you are just two or four of you and you had a great tax-return then that would be my destination of choice!!!
  11. DSC_0146DSC_0147

  12. Meanwhile if I had to go back for a visit to Knysna there are so many things I would take my kids to see… Elephants; the father person (NOT ME) could take the big kids on a canopy tour; and we missed a trip to Featherbed Reserve because it was really raining the day of our trip… I could go on, but I will leave you to follow the links and drool over a virtual holiday yourselves!!!

That’s us… Have a good day!!!

18 Replies to “Saturday Spot: A Celebratory Dinner and a Snippet on Knysna…”

  1. Congratulations for the 17 years of marriage; may God grant you many more! Much love and prayers.

  2. Hay Aunty Muffin, You are out there!!! It’s Monday morning here and I have read a mountain of stories in your absence!!! We miss you guys and hope you are having lots of fun.

  3. Great post. I love the pictures and your honeymoon seems like it was perfect. The feast with the kids looked pretty fun too!

  4. CHEERS to 17 years of wonderfulness and wonder!!!!!!! Did you ever imagine you life would be this full and rich 17 years ago? I’m wishing you another beautiful 17++++!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a great honeymoon and many great years since then. It is clear that the Lord has blessed your beautiful family.

  6. Bless you both in you your marriage in the next 17 years! I must say 10 950 meals a year is quite something! Love Tammy

  7. Hi KM, Isn’t it astonishing how quickly time passes!!! I was going to say: I brought early rising and he brought a night owl. Together we are insomniacs!!! No I had no idea what God had in plan for my life, but my plans would have been so feeble compared to His!!! Have a good week!!!

  8. Hi T, Thanks!!! I have never multiplied it up – shew!!! I only just recently realized the thirty meals a day part of it!!! Se7enteen years of packed lunches for hubs was a daunting enough thought!!! Have a great week!!!

  9. Thanks S, We have indeed been totally blessed, beyond our wildest dreams!!! Thanks for stopping by again!!!

  10. What a nice list of what you each brought and what you have together – it made me cry. I think you guys have a great partnership. Happy anniversary!!

  11. I loved this post of what each of you brought to the marriage – you are a GREAT team!

    Knysna is one of our favourite places too. We went down there for our 11-year anniversary (8 years ago) and it was the coldest April they’d had in YEARS (typical). The views were (are) gorgeous but we froze our patooties off 🙂

  12. Oh Marcia, Knysna can be freezing!!! We used to go their on holiday as a child and I have fond memories of freezing half to death in the winter and mosquito infestations in the summer – memories through a child’s eyes!!! Not quite the same as I remember from my grown-up visit… glorious sunsets and long lazy walks!!!

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