Saturday Spot: Noordhoek, Chapman’s Peak, Electric Bikes and Monkey Valley…

So Saturday was one of those days that we could never have planned!!! A trip to Noordhoek, a drive in the country and lunch out – I really can live with all of that!!! It all began with our friend Mike, the mad trumpeter and his cool electric bikes…at Thula Lula. He has these brilliant bikes for hire – how genius is that!!!  They are fantastic for getting around town without killing yourself… when the going gets tough, turn it on!!! Great for seeing the sights, getting some fresh air and not having to be a super athlete at the same time… Gotta love them!!!


How cool is this bike…


Gotta love the details!!!


And everyone had to have a turn on the electric bike!!!

DSC_0412 DSC_0401 DSC_0407 DSC_0402

DSC_0404 DSC_0413 DSC_0415

Even Hood #8:



All together now:


What can I say:DSC_0422

That poor bike had to put up with quite a bit!!!


And isn’t this the truth we never visit places on our doorstep!!! And this is what we are missing!!!




And this folks is Noordhoek Beach on a crisp Autumn day… endless white sands, freezing cold water… beautiful!!!


Now just below the drive where we were taking photographs is a holiday resort Monkey Valley.


Now tell me, why have we never been here before? What a stunning place!!! Friends have been to wedding receptions there and I always had the impression you had to be part of a wedding party or be staying in the accommodation… Well this is indeed a hidden asset of the South Peninsula. We decided to spontaneously try it out for lunch…


Just look at the view from our table!!!


A tempting pool, but luckily none of mine decided now was the time for a dip:


And a brilliant play spot:




And just look at this little fellow who was having it’s own lunch in the adjacent tree tops!!!



Drinks all round:


Hamburgers for the kids, and they were great!!!


And when last did you see butter balls – oh the luxury!!!


And that’s the last food photo I took,, talk about enjoying the moment and totally forgiving our blogger status until plates were cleared… but I can say I had my favorite: mussels in a garlicky, white wine sauce is my personal idea of heaven… and it was indeed fine. Here we are ready to go, tummies full, played out and mouths full of after dinner mints!!!


A very mellow, long lingering lunch and an afternoon well spent… and a lovely break from the typical hustle and bustle of Saturday. Like I said a great outing I just could never have planned!!!

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  1. Beautiful post! Thank you. I love your (new?) button also and have just added it to my site. I hadn’t noticed it on your sidebar before, but once I saw it I definitely wanted that cute button!
    .-= sherrin´s last blog ..Dave turns 33 =-.

  2. Hi S, Thanks for stopping by!!! I love that you found our button!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  3. Hay Mike!!! You stopped by our blog!!! Glad you like it!!! I totally love the first photograph!!! Have a good week, love from all of us!!!

  4. Hay Mom in Madison!!! I love when you stop by!!! It is an amazing place to live, sometimes we forget in the hum drum of life just how beautiful our surroundings are!!! Hope you guys have a fun week together!!!

  5. A great post. We who live in Noordhoek are often surprised that so many people of Cape Town do not know our lovely coastal valley. This is why we call it Cape Town’s best kept “secret destination”.
    We are fortunate to operate a self catering establishment in the country, but so close to the city.

  6. I see a future model in your eldest daughter!!! She looks so darling in her new boots!!! Such a lovely photo of your good-looking children. They all l ook so different – one would think with 8 children that at least two would look alike!!!

  7. Hi Horizon Cottages, We love visiting Noordhoek, simply because it is so pretty. It is indeed the countryside embedded in the city. You are so right you do live in a beautiful corner of Cape Town. Have a nice day.

  8. Hi S, Isn’t it amazing how different they all are – seriously different!!! And yes hood #3 loves her new boots too!!! Have a nice day!!!

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