This Week (21 June 2010) At Se7en…

From A glorious winter… well call it Indian summer, the days are glorious and alas everyone seems to have some sort of bug lurching through their system. Well the kids are lurching the bugs are just fine, thank-you very much!!! The moral of the story: “When you do too much you will crash and burn…” so we are cutting back… and scaling down and reading more stories in sunny spots and ignoring the world as much as we can, until the coughs and splutters move on to other more exciting little bodies.

Firstly the Calendar Collection:

Here is our weekly picture celebrating Hood #8, and he just loves finger puppets…


And here are our links for the week:

First guide to the Universe.jpg

  • 24 June: U.F.O. Day
  • AnimalsAnimals.jpg

  • 25 June: Eric Carle’s Birthday (1929)
  • 25 June: George Orwell’s Birthday (1903-1950)
  • The Story of Inventions.jpg

  • 26 June: Bicycle Patented (1819)
  • human body.jpg

  • 26 June: Toothbrush Invented (1498)
  • DSC06405

  • 26 June: Chocolate Pudding Day (United States).
  • Helen Keller.jpg

  • 27 June: Helen Keller Born (1880)
  • 27 June: Happy Birthday Song (1859)
  • American Tall Tales.jpg

  • 28 June: Paul Bunyan Day
  • The Story of Painting.jpg

  • 28 June: Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)
  • World Wars.jpg

  • 28 June: WWI Began (1914)

    That’s Us – Have a Good Week!!!


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