Se7en Discover Cheese in the River Cottage Cook Book…

So it is time for another River Cottage Update… and we have mastered the next section in the book: Cheese!!!


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Now the cheese section is a sub-section in the chapter on Milk and we learnt so much in the milk section that I thought everyone would want a bot of a break to consolidate… but no!!! Butter making is mastered, yogurt making is now routine and we have learnt to make cheese – and this is so much fun!!! Somehow making it yourself makes everything so much more edible!!!!




Our cheese adventure began with an outing to the cheese factory and meeting the baby goats and all that the cheese factory had to offer!!!



And cheese tasting is the new Se7en sport… chilli cheese, olive cheese, vynbos cheese – yummy!!!



And then we began cooking:


  • Pasta Carbonara: I often make cheesy noodles as a twenty minute meal for a quick supper, well I have discovered that if you add bacon bits and some eggs… then you have a real recipe called “Carbonara” and is this a family favorite!!! Quick easy and great comfort food!!!
  • DSC_0041

  • Cheesecake: This was a lot more intensive than our usual cheesecake, Well it really was the water bath to bake it that challenged my kids – it’s all about learning new skills!!! And was it well worth it!!! Just the usual biscuit base, cream cheese, eggs and cream…bake… cool eat!!!
  • DSC_0015DSC_0017DSC_0018DSC_0019DSC_0024DSC_0027DSC_0032DSC_0033DSC_0035DSC_0037


  • Cheese Straws: These are really a savory shortbread packed with cheese… and opinions were unanimous: Delicious!!!
  • DSC_0232DSC_0233DSC_0235DSC_0237DSC_0244


  • Finally Cream Cheese: Just as you make yogurt by warming milk and adding a big scoop of live yogurt, to make cream cheese you very gently and only slightly warm cream and add a “glug” of buttermilk.


    Leave it to stand somewhere warm overnight. Then let it drip and drain through a muslin cloth for a couple of hours.


    And then it is ready to eat…


    You can add herbs or berries – anything and it’s totally delicious!!!

And on to the next chapter… eggs…


With omelets and custard and pancakes and meringues… and lots, lots more… I know I can’t wait!!!

25 Replies to “Se7en Discover Cheese in the River Cottage Cook Book…”

  1. The youngest munchkin reacts with severe excema if I have dairy at the moment so that was delightful torture! Hopefully he will grow out of it by 6 months like his big sister did so we can get back into the cheese, chocolate, yoghurt, butter and all other things yummy!! I think I need a copy of this cook book….

  2. Way back when you first posted about this book I was intrigued and went out to get myself a copy (ok, I dont need too much encouragement when it comes to cook books!! 😉
    But I think we should get Sonlight to add it to their curriculum!! It is so well written for kids and adults, so informative, well laid out, colourful and most importantly – DOABLE!

  3. Mliss you are so right this is quite my favorite “elective” we have done in years!!! Totally doable!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  4. I am so going to get this book at some stage, it is awesome. I wonder what the rest of the river cottage books are like.

  5. Hay J, Really you won’t believe how easy it is to make – it is so weird to think all these things I thought were too tricky are actually dead easy!!! Hope you guys have fun weekend!!!

  6. Oh Tara… I started out reviewing this book and very soon realized it would be great for school. Then we got stuck into it and we are winding our way through every single recipe!!! I haven’t read his other books, I actually bought this one on a whim!!! And look what a success it’s been!!!

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