Se7en’s October


So it’s October… and here is our calendar… if there are any interesting days you would like to see on our calendar you are most welcome to pop your day in the calendar and a couple of links and I will add it to the post…

1 October 2010: Homemade Cookies Day.

1 October 1908: Henry Ford Introduced the Model T.

American History.jpg
1 October 1924: Jimmy’s Carter Birthday (1924-).

2 October 1950: Peanuts First Published.


2 October 1869: Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday (1869 – 1948)

survival skills.jpg
3 October 1906: SOS Established.

Castle Diary.jpg
3 October 1189: Richard I (The Lionheart) crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey.

James Herriot.jpg
3 October 1916: James Herriot’s Birthday (1916 – 1995)

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4 October 2010: Child Health Day

Introduction to Poetry.jpg

7 October 2010: National Poetry Day.

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7 October 1885: Niels Bohrs Birthday (1885 – 1962)

8 October 1871: Great Fire of Chicago.


9 October 2010: First Two Way Telephone Conversation.

Leif erikson.jpg

9 October 2010: Leif Erikson Day.

Greg's Microscope.jpg

9 October 2010: Moldy Cheese Day

Pony Express.jpg

9 October 2010: World Post Day


11 October 2010: Columbus Day

A letter to Mrs Roosevelt.jpg

11 October 1884: Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962)

World HIstory.jpg

11 October 1880: Boer War Began.

World History.jpg

14 October 1066: Battle of Hastings.

15 October 2010: National Grouch Day.

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

16 October 2010: World Food Day.

Wee Sing America.jpg

12 October 1814: Star Spangled Banner First Sung.

Thomas Edison.jpg

19 October 1879: Thomas Edison Demonstrated the Electric Light Bulb.

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21 October 2010: Apple Day.

Mona Lisa.jpg

21 October 1959: Guggenheim Museum Opened.

Homeschool fitness.jpg

23 October 1940: Pele’s Birthday (1940 – ).

A Childs History.jpg
24 October 2009: United Nations Day.

The Other Woman in Your Marriage.jpg

24 October 2010: Mother in Laws Day.

Usborne Art.jpg

25 October 1881: Pablo Picasso’s Birthday (1881 – 1973).

26 October 1836: International Red Cross Organized in Switzerland.

27 October 2010: International School Library Day

Theodore Roosevelt.jpg

27 October 1848: Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthday (1858 – 1919)

28 October 1886: Statue of Liberty Dedicated.

Mr Revere and I.jpg

30 October 1735: John Adam’s Birthday (1735 – 1826).


31 October 1941: Mt. Rushmore completed.

31 October 2010: Halloween.

If you are looking for other calendars of note then here they are:

That’s it!!! Have a Great Month!!!

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7 Replies to “Se7en’s October”

  1. I love your special day roundups! I always get a smile when I see what you put together. I have a little something planned for GROUCH DAY! :):) If I can get it done in time. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Oh KM… I really tried to get it out by October 1st… better luck next month I guess. Since we are still in the swing of many birthdays round here it’s amazing it came out at all!!! Please do something for Grouch Day – I can’t wait to see!!! Lots of love to all of you!!!

  3. Hi. I have recently discovered your blog and I think this calendar is a wonderful idea! In fact I am loving all of your entries and every day I read a few of the old posts to ‘catch up’ – I dont want to miss any! I also live in Cape Town and am a mom, wife and Christian, but apart from that our lives are so very different (eg I only have 2 kids who were both born via c/section in hospital, I struggled with breastfeeding and hated it, my kids have always slept in their own rooms etc) – probably why I am enjoying your blog so much is it is giving me a snippet of what its like to live in someone else’s shoes. You have inspired me in many ways in a short period of time, and this week I did a new craft activity with my kids (crafts not being my greatest strength), threw out a bag of toys that they like but dont love, and have taught them to take their own plates to the dishwasher! Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us!

  4. Hay Jo, How nice to meet you, thanks so much for stopping by!!! Isn’t it great in a world made up of so many differences there are always places where we overlap!!! I am so glad our blog has inspired you!!!! Take what you enjoy and leave the rest!!! Lots of love and have a great week!!!

  5. I so love your calendars. Some great links that I’m going to follow. I threw some mouldy cheese out yesterday, but I think if I act now I should be able to organise some for the 9th. Also, I’ll make double quantities of cookies for missing out on Cookie day. (Any excuse!)

  6. Hi Cheryl… We were too busy for cookie day too but I think we may be revisiting!!! I am so trying to get the calendars out by the 1st… but they always take longer than I think they will… Lots of love, hope you guys have a fun week!!!

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