Se7en’s November…

November is here, I can’t believe it. I was so determined to get our calendar out by the 1st of November and then I got a bit distracted by Fimby’s…

HandMadeHolidayGrabBag.jpg And because of that we have a new button on our blog with a gathering of all our Christmas Gift ideas…

Se7en Gifts.jpg

Here you go… the days of November:

If you are looking for other calendars of note then look no further:

That’s us!!! Have a fun month!!!

8 Replies to “Se7en’s November…”

  1. Hay Sofia!!! You are too kind… and I had to go and visit all the blogs on your list to see who was who and what was what!!! What can I say – an evening very well spent!!! Have a fun weekend!!!!

  2. Ahh the highlight of my month: Se7en’s Calendar!!! Oh, you always so inspire me! We will try to celebrate the following: Sesame STreet, Fantasia, Home made bread day (yummy!), Mickey Mouse, William Tell, Woody Woodpecker and Louisa May Alcott’s B’day! Wow, I had better get organizing, hey?! Thanks so much for this great resource – my children are still too young to appreciate most of it, but this mama always learns a LOT via the links on your calendar! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Hay Joyful Mama… Thank you so much!!! It is one of the longest posts to create and I am so happy when someone enjoys it!!! There is indeed a lot more to November than meets the eye isn’t there!!! A whole lot of nice little celebrations!!! Hope you enjoy them!!! Have a fun weekend…

  4. I love your calendars, but you know that already. I had to leave a comment, before I disappeared down one of the links. Lots to look forward to this month.

  5. I agree with JOYFUL MAMA! What an inspiration you are all to the WORLD!!! WE are blessed to have a resource like you… my question is how on EARTH do you keep track of all these? you are so incredibly organized!!!! I can’t remember what I did an hour let alone remember what someone else did a year ago. :):) HAPPY NOV to you ALL!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoox

  6. Hay Cheryl… You won’t believe what post I am working on!!! I can’t believe you went spinning – wowzers!!! Chat later, lots of love and have a fun weekend!!!

  7. Oh KM, As I tell my kids – I am a super-ninja with amazing powers!!! They totally believe me and so should you!!! How else would I keep track of anything!!! Happy November to you all, I hope you do something totally fun this weekend!!! Lots of love!!!

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