Summer Time Fun – Printing and Painting…

It seems like the world is blogging about winter… and so they should be, but we are sweltering down here in the Southern Hemisphere so we did some beach printing and painting. Here is our inspiration… a couple of sunny slip slops!!!



We began by painting the beach…



And we added some potato print beach umbrellas.


Corrugated cardboard beach towels.


Then we got quite carried away with playdough…

And printing with that. Seashells, octopi, fishes and seaweed.
And a whole lot of printing and painting went on…
And one person, always the same person, will find a use for scissors in any project.DSC_0063
And another person will always paint their hands more than the paper!!!
And we had a sea of beaches…

And since it is the season to add glitter to everything and since our beach is shimmering in the heat haze… we had to add a whole lot of glitter to the project too…

Straps on the slops, tassels on the towels and so on and on!!!


And that was it … beaches as far as the eye can see.


Here’s the gallery:


That’s us – Have a fun weekend!!!

14 Replies to “Summer Time Fun – Printing and Painting…”

  1. You can’t go wrong with paint and glitter. I bet they had fun.

    I had to smile at the paint covered hands. At least one of my children will indulge in covering their hands in paint when we break open the paints. I can’t see the attraction, but then again I’m not six years old!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Hay Cheryl… I remember my sister getting into terrible trouble at art classes in Primary School… she painted her hands, arms, shoes, buttons… everything!!! She went on to be a fabulous artist so their is hope!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

  3. Hi Phyllis – We are definitely “in summer” hot and windy… and school holidays have begun in South Africa so we are packed with tourists!!! Hope you are having a fun, weekend!!!

  4. Oh does that make us really miss the beach! Maybe we should make some too for a bit of summer in a wintry place. Enjoy the sun for us! Lots of love!

  5. I adore all your BRIGHT SUNNY colors! What creativity. It’s fun seeing your bursts of sunshine and art while we are in the mist of SNOW and COLD here. xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Hay jacki!!! Ahhh, I know you must be missing the sunshine!!! But just remember with that sunshine comes wind!!! We can barely stand up it is so relentless!!! Have fun in the snow, we would sure like a taste of it!!!

  7. Hay Jacki, I know you guys must be missing the beach and the sunshine… Just remember the howling summer wind we get!!! It has been relentless and we are very windswept!!! Hence the time for indoor craftiness!!! Hope you have a fun week and go and enjoy some snow for us!!! Lots of lekker love to you all!!!

  8. Hay KM… Let me just say…. I love your Christmas photographs… I love seeing your little guys when they were even littler!!! Enjoy the snow and the snuggly cold!!! We are having summer fun – it is hard to believe what a long time summer took to get here, but finally it has arrived!!!! Lots of love to all of you!!!

  9. Hi Denise!!! I was just looking at your blizzard – my word!!! And you guys go out in that!!! It is totally beyond our comprehension!!! Have a fun week!!!

  10. Hi there,
    I’m not a home schooler per say, but I’m absolutely inspired by your blog. Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic holiday!

  11. Hi Julia!!! Thanks so much for stopping by, it is always great to meet readers!!! I am so glad you enjoy visiting here and I hope you have happy holidays on the far side of the world too!!!

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