Se7en’s April…

Sorry guys – call my previous post my April Flop Post… I think the Fool was totally me!!! Talk about hitting publish at the wrong time!!! Here is our new improved April and sorry for the mix-up…


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  1. Hi,
    I have really enjoy reading your blog. How did you come up with these much resources every month? Can you suggest how to use them? I enjoy those links but somewhat overwhelm and don’t know how to utilize it. Thank you for your wonderful post.

  2. Hello se7en family!!!
    I really enjoy this monthly posts, that help us a lot at home with our own celebrations. I only want to tell you that International Roma Day, on April 8, doesn’t meant “Roma” like the ancient civilization, its Roma by the Roma people, Gitanos in Spain, one of the most persecuted peoples of European history and not fully integrated into our comunities even today in Spain (I think in other countries too, but I only know the specific problems here in my country). I’m sorry if my english is not very good, but you can read more about romaní people here:
    And thanks again for share all this work, and all the lovely history of your great family.
    Greetings from Spain!

  3. Hi Meldy, Thanks for stopping by!!! Great question… I have gathered calendar info over the years… there are somethings I wanted to remember and celebrate as a family. Things like Dr Suess’s birthday requires a cake in our home. So I started making calendar lists and then started blogging them!!! I use the calendar to remember things we want to celebrate as a family… we don’t go into each day in detail but we do take a look at the calendar and then plan an activity or read a story or bake something relevant to that day. Hope that helps and really hope you have a fun month!!!

  4. Hi Carmen… Greetings from Cape Town!!! Thank you so much for your information and I hope you approve the update!!! When I googled “Roma day for kids” I got a whole lot of information for a Roman day – bizarre really!!! So I have changed the links and you have given us something new to talk about. Thank-you and I hope you have a great week.

  5. Thank you! There are great links now, as usual in your posts!
    Have a very good week!!!

  6. Great Carmen, Glad you like the improvements and thanks as always for your helpful input!!! Have a great day!!!

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