Saturday Spot: Se7en + 1 Visit Charly’s Bakery… Again and Again!!!

Talk about an awesome Friday… Got up really early… two music lessons and a baking session and we were off on an outing into the great wide world…


After a brilliant morning we went to Charley’s Bakery for lunch… I know, I know sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!!!


We are huge fans of Charly’s Bakery – HUGE and if you follow us on Twitter you will see a veritable hive of tweeting happiness on Saturdays as we watch their TV show… Look at this fabulous shop, so much stuff to love…


Filled with inspiring chandeliers…

So there we were admiring the cakes…

And admiring the cakes a bit more…

The cake makers were admiring the admirers!!!

And then we got to taste the wares…

Blue all-round…

And meet the stars…

Seriously… And all my kids happy and smiling in one photograph… could this be the photo of the year!!!

Then we feasted!!! Some had cookies…

Little girl cookies!!!

Some had cakes…

But take a look at this…

Because they weren’t done with the death by chocolate yet… they still had to smother it in chocolate for you…

Now you are good to go!!!

We settled round the table… with a pool of chocolate…

And the cake…
This my friends is... Death by chocolate... @charlysbakery

There was chatting…

And there was generalized munching…

And mixing and matching…

And this my dear readers… is why we live a … way down south from the bakery… because we licked the platter clean!!! There was more than enough for everyone!!!


Indeed there cakes are made with love…


Indeed they are made in Africa…

And seriously… If you have only one thing to do this summer in Cape Town… you have to get yourself to Charly’s Bakery… In Canterbury Street – you can’t miss it… The only pink striped building that smells like chocolate for miles around!!!


And if you are unfortunate enough not to be in Cape Town this summer then you should be watching their fab show on SABC3 on Saturdays…

14 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en + 1 Visit Charly’s Bakery… Again and Again!!!”

  1. Oh my goodness. My insides are creaking at the sight of that death by chocolate. Please tell me that more than one of you ate it. The bakery looks a very colourful and senses stimulating place to go. Not sure it would do my midriff too much good. I’d need to walk all the way back to the UK to work some of those cakes off!

  2. Hi Cheryl… It was pretty darn good I must say… And I am glad they only gave us two forks because there was a mass dive into it!!! Luckily we live about 30 km away!!! But the poor father person works a block away… and the smell calls him over there for coffee almost daily!!!

  3. smelly goodness – indeed. Was treated to one of thier muffins on Thursday. Yumminess in a box 🙂
    Oh, and indeed – photo of the Year!!

  4. We’ve been watching the series and I’m saving an trip to Charly’s for that inevitable afternoon when we’ll NEED an outing this summer – can’t wait to see the girl’s expressions!

  5. Hi C is for Cape Town… Oh Indeed an outing worth saving for… your kiddo’s will love it!!! Hope you have a great week – isn’t it fab to have some sunshine at last!!!

  6. That looks like soooo much fun!!! I wanna go– but I’m afraid I would eat everything in sight. :):) It is hard to believe that it is summer time for you guys? I look forward to all your smashingly creative and fun adventures. We will be snowed in most of the winter so it will be extra neat to see your sunny faces. Tell the kids that I would like a picture of mama on the next outing! xoxoxoxox

  7. Oh KM Snow sounds so much fun… except we totally can’t handle the cold – feeble that way, when you are born under an African sun!!! We are so very ready for summer… READY for summer… ready for swimming and beaching and well everything summer really!!! You need the winter… to snuggle up with that little one, perfect time for a new babe!!! Lots of love!!!

  8. Hello again!! Sorry we have been away. What a lovely post to start back with. 🙂

    I so “need” one of those death by chocolate pools . . . I mean cakes!

    By the way, Hood #4’s outfit is fabulous. He is a gentleman after my own daughter’s heart. I love the creativity of children, especially when it comes to their clothes.

  9. Hi April, Great to hear from you again!!! Oh that chocolate cake is FINE!!! Glad you liked the post… Hood #4 wears a suit everyday for the last couple of months!!!All he wanted for his birthday was a suit!!! Kids are so fun!!! Hope you had a good trip and its good to have you back!!! Have a great week!!!

  10. Oh My Lordie!!! That Death by Chocolate cake nearly made me cry!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!!!! on my list of places to visit when I come back 🙂 Love their slogan too… Mucking Afazing Cake – maahahahaha xxx

  11. Hay Kerry, Trust me if you visit Charley’s Bakery you may never ever want to leave it again… serious death by chocolate!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

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