Saturday Spot: Pick’n Pay Women’s Walk… and PinkDrive…

This year, all over South Africa folk are joining the Pick’n Pay Women’s Walk. Hood #3, sometimes Hood #6, and I set a challenge to walk all the walks that we could possibly get to…


And so we have woken up early couple of times on a Saturday morning and dashed out in the early morning to join thousands of women… and men and children, people of all shapes and sizes, super-fit and not…


Thousands of folk all dressed in Pink, all in an effort to raise awareness for cancer, particularly breast cancer.


Thousand upon thousand… You have never seen so much pink in all your life…


There is time to kit up and…


Get your hair done…


And your laces laced… before you walk.


You will meet a survivor and hear her powerful story…


And this gal… from PinkDrive… we salute her…



She has literally taught thousand of folk how to do their self-examination.


And then you get walking…


And once everyone is walking there is pink spread out for miles as far as the eye can see…


There is plenty of time to stop and take photographs…





Plenty of fun… all around…



And at the finish…


A Fabulous Goody Bag for a reward.


Everyone that takes part is making a small difference in the fight against cancer… an hour long walk on a Saturday morning is really good fun and a part of something bigger, each walker is making a small difference in the fight against cancer. Look out for these Pick’n Pay Walks in your area… Take part… really we enjoyed them and we think you will too!!!

4 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Pick’n Pay Women’s Walk… and PinkDrive…”

  1. I love these walks and I do my fair share of them. You should check out the Av.on I.themba one also in support of a similar course. I wonder if it is held in CT.

    And you have the added bonus of gorgeous views

  2. Oh Mrs FF… I hadn’t thought of that, I definitely need to look for more walks like these, just as we were getting the hang of them they have moved across the country… but something must be going on in this fair city!!!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful series of events to get involved with. It must make the most amazing statement seeing everyone walking en masse. The pink makes quite a statement. Hope you got your hair sprayed too.

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