Se7en + 1 Celebrate Sugar Cookie Day… Lemon and Double Chocolate Expresso Cookies for the Win…

Right around this time every year we declare a science week and take a break from our regular routine and get tons of science experiments done… day after day – fun times. Also, according to our calendar, yesterday was Sugar Cookie Day… and I am all about scientific discovery. It doesn’t take too much to suggest a celebration round here and cookies and science seemed like a win…


Many of our days look just like this… we have a lot of drop in visitors and a fresh batch of cookies is so quick and easy to make. My kids love to hear me say – whip up a batch, as someone arrives at the gate. I am a firm believer in practice makes perfect… and our table looks like this a lot. So I needed to up the cookie game a little bit in order celebrate “cookie day,” everyone was with me…


Double-Chocolate-Expresso Cookies

So we began with a cookie invention and a few batches of our regular cookie mix were made ready… for experimental purposes, of course.


I was thinking I might need a little expresso to keep up with the troops…


And we have had a jar of chocolate bits for the longest time… two shots of chocolate and a shot of expresso…


Straight into a batch of cookies dough, except instead of plain flour we used self-raising flour because chocolate cookies require a bit of spring in them. Roll into balls and bake in a medium oven until they just start to turn golden…


And there you go… the winners.


Lemon Cookies


Now we were expecting visitors, so in case our cookies inventions were a fail, we made our regular lemon cookies as well… Another batch of cookie dough, and we replaced the regular sugar with castor sugar. Castor sugar makes for a finer cookie… and these cookies are fine.


We add the juice and zest of a lemon to the mixture…


Mix away, roll out and use a cookie cutter to make your cookies as usual…


Pop them into a medium oven, just until they start to turn golden and leave them to cool on the baking tray.


And this is what totaly makes these cookies our absolute faves… the secret is in the drippy icing…


To make the icing: In a bowl of icing sugar add a few drops of lemon juice, and stir… you want it once and runny like syrup… add more lemon juice if need be. Just lemon juice, no butter, no water… nothing else… and your icing will have a nice “bight” to it.


Drizzle the icing over the cookies… it will drip and run, it is meant too…


Cookie Craft

Now there are one or two young gals in our household, who do not consider a celebration to be a celebration, unless there is some sort of craftiness involved…


Cookie pin-badges to the rescue. Paint some old badges any sort of cookie colour, chocolate cookies always work. We used acrylic paint, it dries really quickly and sticks to anything. Use project glue to glue some felt icing onto your badge when the paint is dry. And have a few essential cookie decorating buttons and beads on hand… And I think we may be gifting a couple of friends with these… quick and fun and really easy to make.


Cookie Game

Creating some spot the difference photographs… these are quite sneaky and just as much fun to create as to figure out.



Cookie Books

And whats a celebration with some really fabulous books…

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I don’t think my kids will be forgetting the importance of scientific discovery in the name of cookies anytime soon… wishing you all a fabulous feast…

9 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Celebrate Sugar Cookie Day… Lemon and Double Chocolate Expresso Cookies for the Win…”

  1. well now, how’s this for serendipity?

    I just said to Nanny S, I think we need to make some biscuits today (i’ve been promising the kids some baking the whole week). So I think we’ll make the standard ones (that are my favourite biscuits EVER, by the way) – the twins can do their thing with one batch. And I will FINALLY make my lemon ones.

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. And again, I bought lemons yesterday (I never buy….) because they looked pretty….

  2. Hay Marcia, I am all for serendipity!!! I hope your lemon cookies turned out fab… I am always a little nervous when folks try our recipes – because clearly a lot of invention goes into them!!! I hope you are having a fun weekend, we have the sun out – too glorious for words!!!

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