The Easiest Hike in Cape Point by Far…

You know we have that mid-week, longing for the weekend feeling when we pop a hiking post up in the middle of the week. After a year of hiking about and exploring the park we appear to have found our hiking rhythm. It is pretty much routine, sandwiches are made and we are packed and out the door. All the hikes we do in our game reserve are new to us, so we never quite know what to expect, as you all know what appears to be easy on paper is not necessarily easy on the feet. We did really want to do a hike along the False Bay coast and previously we had tried one and it had turned out to be quite a challenge. This hike was exactly what we were looking for, the easiest hike we have found and would make a great hike for a family looking for a little adventure, without too much effort for short legs.

se7en - 190914 - 1320.jpg

Before the Hike

Hike day turned out to be wet and rainy, so we did a drive around the Park first to see if the weather would lighten up… and we were lucky enough to stop by our friends the Bontebok…

se7en - 190914 - 1197.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1215.jpg

And good morning to this very wet ostrich…

se7en - 190914 - 1229.jpg

Scavenger Hunt

All our hikes begin with a morning spent learning with a ranger… and the lesson was a scavenger hunt, how fun is that. Looking for natural factual treasures.

se7en - 190914 - 1258.jpg

Everyone loves this sort of class…

se7en - 190914 - 1271.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1290.jpg

Learning beside a glittering sea…

se7en - 190914 - 1293.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1309.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1314.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1339.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1615.jpg

And here are the discoveries…

se7en - 190914 - 1377.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1378.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1380.jpg

Up the False Bay Coast from the Whale Look Out to Bordjiesdrif

The hike begins at the whale-watch lookout…

se7en - 190914 - 7410.jpg

It looked like a really rocky beginning…

se7en - 190914 - 1393.jpg

But the weather cleared and it turned out to be a really easy amble along the top of the rocky outcrop…

se7en - 190914 - 1395.jpg

The look out is high above the water and it is a great spot to sight whales… we weren’t to optimistic we aren’t the luckiest whale watchers (!!!)… and we were quite content to look at the beautiful sea crashing below us…

se7en - 190914 - 1400.jpg

And then…

se7en - 190914 - 1404.jpg

A southern right whale popped up to greet us…

se7en - 190914 - 1408.jpg

After watching the whale for the longest time we got going with our hike…

se7en - 190914 - 1425.jpg

Before long we could look back at Cape Point lighthouse…

se7en - 190914 - 1431.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1423.jpg

It is a really easy walk along the top of the rocky outcrop and when you get to the signboard you can choose to go inland towards the visitor centre or turn down towards the coast…

se7en - 190914 - 1440.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1459.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1464.jpg

Down we went… keep your eye on the path ahead, and you will quickly find your way wandering through soft springy grass…

se7en - 190914 - 1465.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1559.jpg

Let’s say that again… and easy easy walk… if your kids are used to ambles then they can totally do that…

se7en - 190914 - 1490.jpg

Looking back, the hike starts just above those rocky cliffs and looking back you can see that it is an easy wander down the slopes and along the coast…

se7en - 190914 - 1533.jpg

We were rewarded with wildlife…

se7en - 190914 - 1470.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1502.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1531.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1565.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1599.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1604.jpg

And a crashing ocean…

se7en - 190914 - 1495.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1508.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1545.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1556.jpg

The highlight was the whale that swam the whole way alongside us…

se7en - 190914 - 1585.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1572.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1573.jpg

There is something incredible about whales…

se7en - 190914 - 7418.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1608.jpg

And along the rocky shore…

se7en - 190914 - 1621.jpg

We stopped for a play, which is essential when you are hiking with kids…

se7en - 190914 - 1624.jpg

And we wondered why we never made use of the cooking spots right on the beach – that is a definite future fun adventure for us.

se7en - 190914 - 1616.jpg

Back to the glittering to sea…

se7en - 190914 - 1633.jpg

Sandy beach and sea birds on the one side of us…

se7en - 190914 - 1631.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1637.jpg

And grass on the other side…

se7en - 190914 - 1635.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1642.jpg

Plenty of time for some exploring…

se7en - 190914 - 1649.jpg

And a short walk across the beach…

se7en - 190914 - 1678.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1669.jpg

Following footprints…

se7en - 190914 - 1674.jpg

Finding treasures…

se7en - 190914 - 1683.jpg

se7en - 190914 - 1676.jpg

The birds chose to move along…

se7en - 190914 - 1694.jpg

And before we knew it…

se7en - 190914 - 1681.jpg

it was just a quick walk over the dunes to the end of our hike…

se7en - 190914 - 1725.jpg

Looking back along the beach, we saw the baboons arriving and we were quite glad we had missed them…

se7en - 190914 - 1709.jpg

And a last goodbye to this friendly ostrich… another hike under our belts…

se7en - 190914 - 1717.jpg

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17 Replies to “The Easiest Hike in Cape Point by Far…”

  1. What a fabulous hike. Your photos are wonderful and make me feel like I was with you every step of the way. Such an amazing place. Wow!

  2. Oh Cat, The whale… I have been dreaming of a hike like this for years and then we got to live the dream, how perfect is that!!! This is a great family hike, tell your family you have to get here just to do it!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  3. Oh Cheryl, You would love this, in real life… can you imagine a whale following alongside us all the way – very magical, very fun and just a great day out!!! We are looking forward to another hiking adventure this weekend… it is time, before the summer heat sets in. Wishing you the best weekend… nearly there!!!

  4. Hi Jacqui, it is absolutely stunning… all this hiking and this place has quite crept into our hearts. Favorite spot in the world and really nearly in our back yard. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have the most fantastic day!!!

  5. Wow, your pictures are awesome. What a treat for us that haven’t traveled. I am excited to expand interest into areas I know nothing!!! South Africa is beautiful. And the cookbook on a more recent post, that sounds interesting too. Love the little meringues with the apricot jam.

  6. Thank you Susan, this year has definitely been the year of the hike for us, it has been a lot of fun. To be honest we have done a whole lot of exploring and most of it is right here in our own backyard. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great week!!!

  7. Marcia, I think you are so right… he has literally shot in the last month and all his shorts that were long last summer suddenly reveal knees!!! I think summer arrived and suddenly almost every child I know has grown a head taller while I blinked through Spring. Hope you guys have a fun week!!!

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