Se7en + 1 Hike the Silvermine River, From the Source to the Sea…

One of the projects that we did last year for school was to follow a river from the source to the sea. It was a big project and ended in a hike that we meant to blog about and then somehow got caught up in all the other posts that one must post… so here it is… looking back.

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From the Source to the Sea

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From our home we can see the mountain top where the river starts… we can also see the mouth of the river across the bay. It’s quite a journey but we had a goal and wanted to see if we could make it all the way.

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We got as close to the bubbling source as we could…

se7en - 220814 - 0338.jpg

And then followed it down.

se7en - 220814 - 0281.jpg

A stop to look at the foam…

se7en - 220814 - 0347.jpg

And take a rest.

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The Middle Course of the River

After a rest and a break we started our hike again,

se7en - 220814 - 0397.jpg

Heading down the gentle gradient of the middle course.

se7en - 220814 - 0479.jpg

The river was just gently bubbling along beside us.

se7en - 220814 - 0466.jpg

The path took us up the sides to the valley…

se7en - 220814 - 0488.jpg

The Surprise

se7en - 220814 - 0489.jpg

What we didn’t expect between the middle reaches of the river and the lower course was the most amazing natural playground…

se7en - 220814 - 0532.jpg

And this is why you need to add margin time to your hikes… because we stopped here to play for about two hours – as one does!!!

se7en - 220814 - 0534.jpg


se7en - 220814 - 0540.jpg

And downnnnnn……

se7en - 220814 - 0551.jpg

Up up up….

se7en - 220814 - 0579.jpg

And down….

se7en - 220814 - 0565.jpg

Up again….

se7en - 220814 - 0613.jpg

And down…

se7en - 220814 - 0622.jpg

We discovered a river of sand…

se7en - 220814 - 0693.jpg

se7en - 220814 - 0697.jpg

se7en - 220814 - 0700.jpg

It really doesn’t get better than this…

se7en - 220814 - 0662.jpg

Fun times…

se7en - 220814 - 0688.jpg

But it was time to move along…

se7en - 220814 - 0647.jpg

The Slow Flowing Lower Course:

se7en - 220814 - 0706.jpg

At this stage the river was really ambling to and fro across the floodplain.

se7en - 220814 - 0758.jpg

We stopped to take count of the tadpoles and say hello to this fellow…

se7en - 220814 - 0782.jpg

And surprised this one…

se7en - 220814 - 0772.jpg

The Wetlands

se7en - 220814 - 0826.jpg

At this stage the river opens up…

se7en - 220814 - 0801.jpg

And tumbles into to wetlands… so much to look at…

se7en - 220814 - 0804.jpg

And we were nearly done…

se7en - 220814 - 0794.jpg

The River Mouth

se7en - 220814 - 0829.jpg

Past the fields of flowers…

se7en - 220814 - 0819.jpg

Under the bridge…

se7en - 220814 - 0835.jpg

And out into the sea…

se7en - 220814 - 7023.jpg

The Gallery

se7en - 220814 - 0755.jpg

se7en - 220814 - 0643.jpg

se7en - 220814 - 0635.jpg

se7en - 220814 - 0557.jpg

se7en - 220814 - 0568.jpg

se7en - 220814 - 0711.jpg

And that’s it… yes we do have a project for this school year and it involves lots and lots of hiking… we will let you know about it soonest.


19 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Hike the Silvermine River, From the Source to the Sea…”

  1. what a fun project!
    I also would have totally played for two hours up and down those dunes. Too much fun! 🙂

  2. Hay Corli… I know the “Source to the Sea” sounds like a pretty cool adventure to me too. I can’t believe we did it… it is a really long way!!! Sending love to you all across the ocean!!!

  3. Oh Irene… those dunes were something else and a complete surprise!!! None of us were expecting them at all and they were so huge!!! Fun times!!!

  4. I know Marcia, when in the world do you come across huge untouched sand dunes – too fun for words… And let’s face Hood #8 is a lucky guy with so many big brothers and sisters that adore him. Lots of love to you and yours – I see Friday on your horizon!!!

  5. What a hike!Very fun and educational at the same time and that is SUPER HIKE! 🙂

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