When Se7en Visits Yuppie Chef For A Behind the Scenes Brunch…

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This past Friday I was invited over to visit our friends at Yuppie Chef for brunch… I didn’t hesitate to accept, in fact the hardest part was waiting for the day to arrive. Don’t you love a beautiful welcome…

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I have never seen such prettiness in flowers…

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And the Christmas cookies made me want to dash home and get the gingerbread recipe out.

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The Beautiful Brunch

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And of course, this is Yuppie Chef, the folk that believe in connecting over food…

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And the food was pure loveliness…

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As folk were arriving delicious aromas and copious coffees were supplied.

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Chatting and feasting got going, it was great to meet heaps of new folk in the world of food and blogging, not to mention catch up with old friends.

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The Christmas Craftiness

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And since this is Yuppie Chef, a collection of the most creative folk on earth… we weren’t likely to sit around idle for long. We were taught how to make these beautiful gifty packages… I love them.

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We began by mastering a few origami… skills!!!

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And then we were showing how to roast nuts to pop into our packages. Hmmmm… these definitely bring out the Chritmassy feeling…

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You can head over to their website for the recipe for cinnamon roasted nuts…

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The Terrific Tour

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The next thing on the agenda, was a tour of the warehouse… exciting times. Do you have any idea how much kitchen loveliness they have over there? First stop, we ambled through customer services… were everything looked peaceful and calm, despite sending out million of parcels all day every day, you would expect a certain amount of frenzy… but there was none of that!!! Probably because their desks were covered in green plants, I am sure there is a lesson there – love it!!!

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Then we were taken for a quick spin through their store. While Yuppie Chef is an online store, they do have a physical store, where you can pop in and grab a gift, or get something you are absolutely desperate for and couldn’t possibly wait for delivery.

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And they seem to fit a lot of stock in here… there is a smattering of almost everything…

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Including some of the brands we totally love.

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And then on into the warehouse…

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We did a warehouse tour a couple of years ago and my how things have changed…

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Tablets have replaced clipboards and papers… And shelves that were stacked with organised rows and rows of brands and products, have been replaced with chaos sorting… it is faster, more efficient and serves the customer better. Gotta say, that works for me!!!

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By the time we were almost at the end of the tour we reached the final destination in any packages journey… we had preselected parcels waiting to despatch to friends… and cards we had written earlier were in our packages waiting for us to box them up!!!

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And this super-efficient packer, helped me come to terms with copious amounts of bubble wrap and tissue paper. He didn’t even blink and goodies were wrapped and in their box…

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And they were off on their journey…

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Otherwise, What’s New at Yuppie Chef?

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They just launched their very own magazine, TABLE: shop, cook, share… packed with kitchen delights, product reviews and of course recipes. Not to mention there is a very fine competition for a Kitchen Aid in there… just saying!!!

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And then having given each of us a gift delivered on our behalf to a friend, they gifted us with a FOMO Box… A what, how had I not heard of this wonderful thing!!! A FOMO Box is a Food on Monthly Order Box filled with lovely foodie treats. You have heard of coffee of the month, or beer of the month clubs, well welcome to Food of the Month… a little treasure chest of delights. You can take a peek:

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I know, you need details… how cool is this box of loveliness… The father person inhaled all things nutty, and I have to say those Angeli biscuits lasted about one second!!!

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And that was it… over far too soon…

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One thing I can say about Yuppie Chef is that even their after party looks delightful!!!

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A huge thank you to Yuppie Chef for the fantastic spoil… This is not a sponsored post, we were not paid to write it, but we do love Yuppie Chef and the opinions we express are as usual, entirely our own.

4 Replies to “When Se7en Visits Yuppie Chef For A Behind the Scenes Brunch…”

  1. Now that sounds like a PERFECT event. I would have loved to find out all the behind the scenes warehouse stuff because I like processes and efficiencies, but also all those beautiful foods and place settings. Just gorgeous!

  2. Oh Cat, It was fantastic… You are so far away, at least you aren’t too far for shipping!!! Hope you have the most fantastic day!!!

  3. Hay Marcia, Isn’t it complete loveliness, honestly the most creative folk ever… and the shipping/packing well they have it down to a fine art… parcels and packages literally fly. Hope you have a fantastic day!!!

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