The Saucisse Deli Turned Five… and What a Feast.

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Last week I was so thrilled to be invited to the Saucisse Deli’s fifth birthday celebration. And what a celebration it was… they invited a number of their local suppliers over for a tasting evening, a meet and greet so to say… and what a feast it was.

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Our readers have met Amanda before, when earlier this year I blogged about my trip to Zambia with GreenPop and Feasting in an Eco-Friendly Kitchen. Having an eco-friendly kitchen on the plains of Africa is one thing, but in the heart of the city, with foodies competing for space and acknowledgement, this family owned deli has managed to keep “Green Living” at the heart of their business.

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They source as much as they can locally, offer vegan (and gluten-free) options, products are as close to organic and free-range as they can be, they recycle everything that can be recycled, they use biodegradable packaging and cleaning products… and food wastage is donated to a local shelter.

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The Warmest Welcome to the Saucisse Deli

Fresh crispy breads…

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And the Juiciest of juices, Raw Mojo Juice:

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I keep bumping into these juices wherever I go… and my word they are good!!!

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Plenty of chatting and mingling…

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And the crowds rolling in…

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Tables filled up with intriguing products…

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And the party was on…

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Let’s Meet the People

What I did was, I walked from vendor to vendor and asked the folk to tell me the backstory behind their products. It was a fascinating evening with some incredible stories… I tried to capture everyone and as you can see there was a lot to taste and learn…

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Hemelrand Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Not only is the packaging fun, but the olive oil is truly delicious. It comes from the Hemelrand Farm in the Overberg region, that was completely run down and had been neglected for years, when the present owners moved in. Restoration, removing aliens, planting olive trees and lavender bushes. They have an olive press and local olive growers bring their olives on their farm… all in all a hive of activity… and a beautiful product.

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Chilli-Lingo: Now we are talking, from the family that loves eating chillis… The folk at this table were so excited about their products that I had to try them all. These sauces are created by a fellow who was a chef for seventeen years but gave it all up recently to follow his chilli passion. He has learnt that there is a whole lot more to growing chills than he thought, but thousands of chilli bushes later, he appears to have mastered the art… sauces like Green cayenne, and Habanero, smokey barbecue and sweet-chilli… awesome product and a great story.

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Pronto Mama: Now here is a friendship that I could have made long ago. We literally live on roast tomatoes… and always have a jar of it in the fridge. But I have found someone who could make it for me, not to mention a number of other wonderful products, think salad dressing and harissa source and totally delicious marinated mushrooms. It all began with a caterer who had an over abundance of tomatoes for an event… she decided to roast them, and before she knew it she had production line. You can take a peek at their recipe page for a whole lot of beautiful recipe ideas.

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Pierre’s Cured Meats: It wouldn’t be a deli without beautiful sausages… the mark of these sausages is that they are made with love. Actually a whole lot of passion goes into these sausages with incredible herbs and spices that have been carefully sourced to provide rich and lovely flavours from around the world.

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Dictator Chilli Relish: Did I mention chilli again, it is a common theme… my kids could eat chilli with everything. So here you have a mild chilli relish and a hotter chilli relish. It is all made by a chap with a passion for chilli, their products are so good, you could literally eat it on toast.

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Pepe Charlot, Cheese Maker: How this was right in our neighbourhood and we didn’t know about it. Beautiful goat’s cheeses made in the French tradition. My kids would love this, especially since the cheese maker himself speaks French… I know they would love to meet and talk about cheese. His cheeses are beautiful and perfect relief from the previous vendors hot chilli relish!!!

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Groenendal Preserves: Everything about these products was beautiful, the presentation, the packaging and the flavours… made in memory of a loving dad, you can feel the love lingering from generation to generation. Now I have never been one for preserves, but my dad loves them – so I dived in and discovered that I have been missing out. Just a little bit on a piece of cheese and you are literally transported to a childhood playing in a friends fig tree. The flavours were plentiful and varied and I am well pleased with this new discovery!!!

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That Mayo: No contact details, no card… but get yourself down to the deli for this… and grab a jar, the bigger the better. Why, oh why… would I be raving on about mayonnaise, well I kid you not this stuff is magic. Two flavours, garlic and original, we rocked our way through a jar of garlic mayonnaise in a sitting. Honestly, you can eat this with anything: baked potatoes, salad, dips and dipping, but very soon you will find that you leave all those extras behind and eat it just as it is.

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Challoner, Olive Products and Preserves: Well if you ever want to meet folk that are really, really excited about their products, then you have come to the right place. And rightly so. These chaps have a wide variety of fantastic tastes and flavours, not to mention beautiful presentation. They are well worth a closer look. I started with their chilli sauces, they even have a stunner created by the well renowned chef, Bertus Basson… judge on our favourite show the Ultimate Braaimaster. I moved on to jams and oh my… what a collection of fine flavours, fruits and berries and just delicious. Leaping to front was the Seville Orange Marmalade… I grew up along side a citrus hedge, with a kitchen that always had pots of marmalade bubbling… so straight down memory lane, and I loved it.

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Oryx Desert Salt from the Kalahari: You know how I love an adventure… well I have to be honest I have met these salts before and use it for its great flavour… but now that I know the story behind it, well never look back. These salts are naturally pan dried on the plains of the remote Kalahari Desert, where rivers flow underground. The company has a very green ethos, looking to be sustainable in every area, and giving back to the local Khomani San and Mier communities as well.

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Kulture – True Bulgarian Yogurt: When a hobby turns into a passion, and making yoghurt from half a litre a day to hundreds of litres… then you find yourself in the heart of a yoghurt business. Completely natural yoghurt, no additives, no sweeteners, just the real stuff… a delicious and dreamy product for all of Cape Town’s banting folk.

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SuperSprout: This was my final visit of the evening, and what looks like slabs of chocolate are actual slabs of seeds and sprouts. So fascinating. Basically, you can buy original seeds that have not been genetically modified or adapted in any way… you water yourself and they will begin to sprout… some of the trays are tasty little sprouts for feasting on in salads and all. But the slabs are for preparing little plants to transfer into your garden and you grow a wide variety of vegetables from theses slabs… including one that was a mini-garden with a variety of seeds good to go.

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And Then The Most Magnificent Goodie Bag

And since this was a birthday celebration, there were gifts… absolutely stunning gift bags for each attendee… packed with even more wonderful products to taste and try. Preserves and cheeses, olive oils and bread, THAT MAYO, beautiful biscuits, sweet treats and toffees… really an entire picnic in a bag.

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And a wonderful mid-night feast for the father person and I to enjoy… I tell you this could become a new trend around here… just pure delight…

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If any of these products are grabbing your attention or you want to contact the Saucisse Deli, you can find them at The Old Biscuit Millhere’s a link to their website and you can follow them on twitter and instagram below.

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Huge thank you to the Saucisse Deli, it was wonderful to be spoilt at your birthday bash… met so many interesting people and learnt so much, really it was a great event. This was not a sponsored post and the opinions expressed are all entirely my own.

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  1. Oh wow!!! Wonderful knowing the stories… And such amazing colors in your pics. I actually want to go there right now!

  2. Isn’t it brilliant Debbie, I think it is a definite make the effort to stop and visit kind of a spot, especially over the holidays when you are looking for treats to eat. Hope you are having a great week!!!

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