The Launch of International Book Giving Day 2016…

We are slowly returning to the world of blogging after a little break. We love reading, we love books and we love fabulous news. Today is the day to take a breathe and announce the launch of 2016’s International Book Giving Day, which falls on the 14 February every year. This post is to let our incredible followers know that we will be launching a Book Project on the 14 February. The act of giving a book, is as easy as leaving a book for someone to find, or wrapping up a firm favourite and delivering it. I firmly believe that book by book we can create libraries for children all over the world, even in the most remote spots.

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Together with our book loving readers we have been able to create a few libraries for communities that really need them. Just by asking our readers from all over the world, to contribute one book at a time, we have made a difference. This is a project that our followers are so good at, always super keen to join in. It is a big deal and something that all our readers can be proud of.

Previous Book Giving Day Projects

2015 – A Library for a School in Need.

se7en - 180315 - 2218.jpg

2014 – A Library in Community Centre.


2013 – A Library for a Township Community


2012 – A Library for a Rural Village in Lesotho

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We so look forward to launching our 2016 project and just to inspire you, we have a number of very bookish posts to post over the next few weeks… Meanwhile, pop over to the International Book Giving Day site to Print out the poster created by illustrator Ben Newman, and keep up to date with the latest and greatest Book Giving Day events all over the world.

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  1. What a fantastic thing to do. What a great sense of achievement you must have from setting up all those little libraries. I can’t imagine not having books around for my children.

  2. ohhh THAT time of the year again 🙂

    It looks so cool in the pics above to see your hoods age backwards. LOL

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